Gorilla WRECK #4 Strain, Grow, & Smoke Report

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    Wasn't really sure where to put this, but I did grow her indoors soooo..

    GW#4 is a cross between GG#4 and Train Wreck. I could not find GG#4 feminized seeds (except Fastbuds Autos) that didn't sound sketchy at the time.

    I grew her in the rear of my tent (hard to get at too) and she was probably a bit neglected BUT, she out produced the other three strains growing in front..:)

    Only bad things I can report is that GW#4 is known to Herm late in flower (Mine did not!).
    and The seeds (fems) from Cannaventure are way out of line cost wise). At the time of writing they were $125 for 5 fems and still hard to locate.
    I will shortly try growing Royal Gorilla and Gorilla Bomb which are supposed to be very similar.

    My Grow details: (Very easy to grow..Lil bit of a Nute whore;))
    5 Gallon Smart pot with FFOF soil cut with 25% coarse Perlite.
    Canna Terra Vega/Flores Nutes + Molasses once in flower, and Ginormous Bud Enhancer (Canna Boost is way too pricey for me). Note: I begin the Canna Flores immediately after 12/12..It has bit of Nitrogen, and the plants never skip a beat!
    Lights were 2x Meizhi 450 reflectors.
    12/12 to harvest between 9-10 wks. (about 25% Amber)
    Flushed with GH Floraclean 2 wks prior to harvest (staggered over a week or so)
    Training was LST only (didn't learn about topping/supercropping until a later grow..)
    Vegged for a way too short 4 weeks ..Flower time was more Sativa like than Indica like.
    Dried hanging for 4 days , wet trimmed, and cured for 2+ months (Bovida 62's in Mason jars)
    Buds were somewhere hard and fluffy compared to strains grown under the same conditions.

    Smoke report:
    FABULOUS!! If you like GG#4 You will love this!
    Burns clean and very smooth
    High is a complete Slam ya into a deep couchlock state plus a nice gentle head high..Hits very fast and still comes a creepin:).

    Careful how ya smoke it..LMAO
    Excuse the dog hair in the Bud, but I only grow for myself and could care less..LOL

    I am growing the 2nd seed I have and will surely be taking clones..;)
    1st part of the harvest:
    Gorilla Wreck#4.jpg
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  2. You go into the harvesting and processing marijuana section and there is an option for smoke reports lol just tag a mod and ask them to move it into the smoke report section.[​IMG] it definitely looks good
  4. Thanx..Wanted to get the GROW things included so??
  5. A journal and a smoke report? o_O lol I didn't read it all the way through when I posted it my bad.. eh still wouldn't hurt to write one up in the smoke report section solo that away it's easy for people to find.
  6. Been asked for my Journal(s) a few times..Too medicated to write one up these days..I do take Pictures and take the weekly though:) Talk about being Bad..LOL
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  7. Yeah man I hear you I wanted original #4 first just as a comparison...

    I've got a runt so I've put in 5 ghost wreck as well. Ive got plenty of room and it's all for my own med purposes so no reason not to really. Lol

    my latest creation..... SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
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