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    Ordered 8 days ago and emailed the following day to get proper confirmation. They finally mailed back stating it was received and no problems.
    Two days ago emailed them again as im still waiting, but no reply again in their specified 24hrs
    Sent another email again today and a web note. Finally got a reply late tonight stating they emailed me 7 days ago saying the order didnt go through - Bullzhit!
    They then mailed again trying to blame their payment system that my order had been 'duplicated' and I could re-order with a 10% discount.
    Im now waiting to see if they are going to bill me multiple times for my duplicated order!

    I strongly advise anyone even attempting to make a purchase let alone any communication with these amateurs!

    Just placed an order with Paradise instead which I've used before successfully.
  2. Gorilla Seed Bank is actually very reliable. Sad to hear you're having issues with them, but most people have gotten their seeds from Gorilla no problem. I understand your frustration, just give it a bit, I'm sure they'll work it all out.
  3. Thanks for your reply but I guess it says it all 'most people get their seeds' isnt good enough. With all their bad press about including their other scam site Rhino seeds this customer will shop at more reliable sources.
  4. Most people get their packages when they order on Amazon, too. Those that don't? Just saying. It's probably a very rare error and will  likely be corrected. 
  5. Try contacting them on the forums here.  I'm sure Sherry would be willing to sort out your problem for you.
  6. Isn't the username Gorillasseedbank or Gorillaseedbank? One of the two.
  7. Yeh Amazon are fantastic! Good prices, prompt delivery, instant communication and second to none returns policy. Unlike scam seed sites im afraid.
  8. Amazon sells seeds?

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    yeah i think its just GorillaSeedBank!
  10. I'm sorry you had so many problems with your order.
    I'm not part of our regular customer service department, so what I can do is take a fresh look at your problem if you PM me your order number.
    Hopefully, we'll work everything out to your satisfaction. .
    Either way, I hope you'll decide to stick with the Grass City community instead of being a "hit it & quit it" member.
  11. no lol or if they do I wouldn't get them. :/
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    I love Amazon. I wish some of the sellers who aren't Amazon fulfilled would be a little more responsive, but Amazon itself is great. I've bought everything from Levi's to HPS bulbs from them.
    Only thing I don't like is the Amazon warehouse doesn't always repackage some of their equipment so you could be flashing labels in your driveway if you're not home when your shipment arrives.
    One time, I ordered a replacement for this really cool travel cup my husband uses every single day at about 8 PM and I had it before lunchtime the next day with just my regular Prime shipping. I was amazed.
  13. I also placed an order 3 weeks ago now 9 oct 2014 with gorilla and still not received any thing yet, im getting really annoyed because everytime i ring they say there going to sort it out !!! they tell me its just a simple error of delivery address being the same as my billing address ( which is actually different ) but an easy solution to fix, i cant understand why they have taken my payment but can't dispatch ?????? this is really frustrating as this is my first purchase with them in my eyes its not a very good first impression of a 1st class business. But yet i read so many good comments about gorilla, maybe its just a mix up or coincidence but my patience is running thin and i need a reliable source please HELP!!!!!
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    As I mentioned to the OP, please PM me your order number. It's kind of hard to help if I can't look at anything.
    I have been told that your billing & shipping address have to match for us to process your card - it even says so when you create your order.
    If it doesn't, you're asked via email to provide additional documentation.
    The OP still hasn't gotten back to me on their issue.
  15. I double checked & here's how it works if you're lucky enough to live in the UK where we take cards for payments.
    1. Due to a high level of fraudulent card use, we can only ship to the same address that's recorded with your credit card company as the billing address.
    2. When you place an order, there is a clear statement by the billing address that says it must match your credit card.
    3. We don't know that the address you entered does not match the billing address until someone runs your card & it comes back with an error message that says "address doesn't match".
    4. If we get the "address doesn't match" error, we have 2 choices
       -- reject the charge & cancel the order
       -- allow the charge to go through but hold the order until the customer responds to our request (emailed) for additional documentation
    Because there was an overwhelming level of complaints about cancelling orders, they've opted for the 2nd solution for now. I've been told a refund should be issued in about 1.5 weeks if we can't confirm that the customer is the card owner.
    If our processes are not being followed, we'll make it right - but I can't do anything if I can't see the order.
  16. Call your bank and add an alternative shipping address that can be verified by the merchant. It takes all but 5 minutes on the phone.
    That's an awesome suggestion.

    I don't handle payments at all, but that sounds like a great way to take care of the problem.
    I'm going to ask our payment department if they know how that works with the credit card company - or if there's anything else they need to do on our end to verify the extra address.
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    You have 3 total posts AND you plugged another seed bank in your complaint.

    Why would anyone here take you seriously?
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    ive had 2 very similar public complaints on facebook and they were posted within minutes of these posts - no reply to my messages and both new facebook accounts. i suspect its a rival muddying the waters, i could be wrong and we will always do our best to help customers, but with no name or order number - our hands are tied! 
  20. thank you for the response but after 7 days of purchase I sorted all this out over the phone with one of your representatives she assured me that this was a minor mistake and she was going to fix it and make sure it was dispatched on the Monday. At this point I was starting to get concerned, so I rang again on Wednesday to confirm it was on its way and she told me yet again there was still a problem, which then I stated if I didn't receive the order by Friday then I would request a full refund. but I didn't want it to come to that I just thought it was going to be easy to fix she never asked me to send documentation at any point of either phone calls. And may I ask why it takes 1.5 weeks to receive a full refund when you had taken my money within 1 whole day of purchase.

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