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  1. Calling All Blades,
    Over the past few days, I've had several people tell us they would order but we don't have what they want.
    We run a really tight ship to keep our costs down, so it means we are slowly populating the Gorilla Seeds site
    But, we have access to virtually every seed that's on the European market - including many American breeders.
    If you want something - and it's not on our site - just let me know. I'll get it up so you can order.
    Don't forget - we're still giving 20% off for cash orders & either one of us can hook you with with an extra coupon code just for being a Blade. It can be your first order, your 100th order, whatever.
    (Also, for those of you who don't like the cash idea, we may be able to get something worked out with again. I don't have the details yet - and it won't have the 20% discount - but we'll take care of you with some kind of nice coupon codes anyway.).

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    Herijuana IBL ? Only place I can find it is sannies and they don't ship to Australia. Doing my first journal soon and my beans are all gonna be from you guys minus the herijuana when I find it. If you could get the herijuana IBL in , my tent will be full girls from gorilla. Thanks sherry
  3. I would also like Herijuana and would be first time ordering from you
  4. Sorry for the delay - you posted in the middle of the night for me.
    I'll check on Herijuana - I've heard the name, but am not familiar with the breeder.
    And, I'll also have to check to see if we ship to Australia. Last time I did, it was a no-go due to your customs issues.
  5. Herijuana appears to be Sannie's own brand, so they're not available to us.
    Australia still isn't on our shipping list either - sorry about that.
    However, if you tell me what you like about Herijuana, I may be able to suggest another brand & strain for when you order from someone who does ship to Australia.

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