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Gorilla must go.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 14, 2002.


Monkey go or monkey stay?

  1. Gorilla go.

    0 vote(s)
  2. Gorilla stay.

    0 vote(s)
  1. Namron no longer looks like Namron.

    this can't be good.
  2. I picked gorilla stay..I like it

    but does it really matter??


    So yeah stay gorilla
  3. I picked gorilla stay. That damn silverback is just so adorable.
  4. bring back that smoked out one
  5. i can't decide! where's the undecided? i like the gorilla, he's a cutie, but namron the stoney dude was more familiar to me...

    but i really think ultimately it is norm's decision to make :D
  6. ill get to work on it right away
  7. its the best of both worlds!
  8. gorilla--->cracked out smiley :D

    or is that unintentional?
    damn this is confusing when youre as high as i am right now
  9. what are you talking about?! was the cracked out smiley...then a stint with the gorilla..and now its smiley again..cuz a long long time ago...we decided that was me..
  10. no no no :D

    when you first load the page and all the avis are appearing, yours first appears as the gorilla, and then changes to the smiley after a split second..
  11. are you sure..i are on drugs :D
  12. no dude i swear.. stare at your avatar and hit refresh.. this is wierding me out
  13. hmmmm.....:S..anyway, im off to bed, i guess ill check more into it in the morning
  14. Yeah i can see it too phunkyphil....when you hit refresh when it's loading it shows you the gorilla for a split second and then the stoned cracked out smiley....Peace out....Sid
  15. i got a real cool stoney bear if anyone wants an avatar? oh wait thats on my other computer...
  16. the smiley is back!
  17. i want to see the cool stoney bear, but hobbes is remaining.

    such a short period of time w/ mr gorilla, norm... but it's good to see ya back :)

    i really love hobbes but am so disgustingly obsessed with Jack Black that i just HAD to share with ya'all his moment of true DORKNESS, so i put it in my sig to annoy EVERYONE with all of my posts (bwah aha) so maybe if you really like the gorilla you could add it to your sigfile? just a suggestion.

  18. wait lemme get this right..ganjaphish have a picture in your sig??
    why cant i see it?? hmprmhph..

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