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Gorilla Grow Tent Review

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by TM421, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Has anybody seen one of these in person or own one?
    They look awesome......and the height adjusts?! How does that even work??
    I want to get one, but would like to hear from someone who may have one.[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se-tf2DweeU]Grow Tent Review - Gorilla Grow Tent - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Someone I know is right on the verge of buying a 9x9 tent from them. They seem cool for a tent, but the 9x9 is almost $2k if I remember right. That's a big investment.
  3. Thats a really cool tent dont know how useful it would be though. The more you raise your light the less light you have for down below but I guess some side lighting would solve that. Transformer tent!!!
  4. It's on sale right now for $1,075.00.....full price is only $1,195.00

    Gorilla Grow Tent

    I think the extra height is totally necessary. Have you ever seen a hydro system and 4 XL hoods in a regular tent?! There is like 2 ft. left to grow with.
    This looks like it has legit growing space....I want to grow trees, not plants....haha.....With 4 - 1000 watters I think there would be plenty of light.
    not to mention that in my other grows, I switched to flower too late a couple times....plants got too big and it screwed up my yield.....wouldn't have to worry about that with this thing....I could just add another foot.
    Has anyone seen one in a store or up close?
  5. I mean I like it, for a tent. My friend saw the one at a hydro EXPO recently and got hooked. It's sturdy which is cool, can actually handle 4 magnums without extra shit, has the IR blocker on the roof panel for paranoid and people in non legal states, pretty cool, and the extension, also cool. She said its also got much better placement of holes instead of just a random swiss cheese wall, and that all the seals and suppers are proper style. It definitely sounds like hands down the best tent on the market.

    But 1200 bucks is still hefty. Worthy if you can pull 8 pounds out of it though. But I could also buy a lot of equipment and building supplies with 1200 dollars. It all really depends on your situation though and what you are going for. If that thing got used for years and especially if it got moved around a few times then it would definitely be worth its while.
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    I had the opportunity to see them at the san francisco expo as well. I got to watch their employees hang from the ceiling to prove how strong it is. I was sold after that. Picked one up from fullbloom shortly after the expo with a coupon code - "growstrong50" without the quotes. Fullbloom Hydroponic Grow Tents
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    I own the 9x9 model with the adjustable height frame. You can tell when you first take it out of the package that it is much more heavy and stronger then other tents on the market today. I know this because i also own another cheaper tent. But if you ask me for the price get the cheaper version. the stronger fabric causes more rips and more frequent rips. their is alot of space and more duct ports,but is that worth it ripping at every seem and causing light to spill through and messing up your grow envoirnment. Well thats up to you.

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  8. Good review

  9. Explain, please.

  10. Are you joking? I could literally build a stick 9'x9' room wrapped in the white/black poly sheeting for WAY less than $2,000. I mean seriously...ridiculous.

    You're never going to grow trees with vented hoods.

    Sucker born every minute!

    Most likely the stronger fabric has less elasticity. When you move the tent or push into the fabric from the inside or outside the fabric will tear under the tension of becoming taut. Still a waste of money in my opinion.

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