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  1. First time using LED's, in a 3x3 tent.. I am a little over halfway through flowing. Relatively happy with the results. Definitely using a large pot next time. I prefer 13 gallon grow bags but I went with a 5 gallon pot on this one.

    IMG_20170710_165304.jpg IMG_20170710_165629.jpg IMG_20170710_165417.jpg IMG_20170710_165653.jpg
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  2. Looks good man do you have any pics under natural light too I'd like to see the true colors as well
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  3. Nice . Very frosty.

    What size n brand is the light ? Im running a 1200w mars in a 3x3 for the first time too
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  4. I will definitely get some natural light photos for you soon.
    As for the light I am using a Mars II 700. Claims to be equivalent/comparable to a 350watt hps/mh. I'm quite happy with the results. I Might purchase the 1200 in the future which I think is comparable to a 600watt. How many plants are in your 3x3? I only have 2. Started with 3 but it was getting crowded.
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  5. How about your plants? Is the light still working good?
  6. Looking forward your next update!
    You are right, the Mars II 700, can compare 350w hps. if you have any problem about the light, feel free to contact me here, I'm Sara from Mars Hydro:)
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  7. I only do 1 at a time mate
  8. Yeah all good sarah
    No issues and the plant is doing well
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  9. That's nice! Happy growing
  10. Nice job - and yeah the larger pot will make ALL the difference in size of nugs and overall yield.

    Good job.

  11. The smell is amazing. Absolutely splendid. Very citrusy with hints of pine. I'm very excited for the end result.
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  12. Well Hello Sara. Thank God I was right about the specs. Lol. I did my research and I am very happy with this light. My plants seem to love the spectrum, updates will come soon. I am Definitely going to look into getting the 1200. I don't foresee any problems with this light but if anything happens I'll be sure to contact you. Thanks alot.
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  13. Your buds must be monsters. I'm jealous. 600watts to 1 plant. Nice?!?! What size pot you using?
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  14. Ty. I absolutely agree. After a few experiments the correlation of pot size to plant and flower size is drastically noticable. I am most likely getting a couple 15 gallon pots for my next run.
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  15. its the xl auto pot 25L
  16. Well its interesting u say that cause i really dont know. This is my first led grow. Im a hps grower usually.
    I would normally get 7oz off a 400w hps in a 3x3. So this led run is to see the difference. I hope your statment of monster buds comes true

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  17. Looks pretty nice to me man. I imagine you will get a nice yield. How far along are you? What's the distance between the plant and the light?
  18. 9 days into flower now the pic was 7 days. Its about 18" at the moment.
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  19. Nice. I have mine around 12" from the tops. I think you will be pleasently surprised with the growth once it takes off. I was kind of skeptical at first but not anymore. It also seems like all my plants showed sex alot fast with LED's as opposed to hps/mh. I don't know if you experienced this as well.
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