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  1. Hi Guys

    I need a recommendation for growing big stinky buds for Zamnesia gorilla glue original seeds .

    Looking for a good formula for them as I will have 20 going .

    Using 4.2 kw of dimlux lighting along with iso max fans.
  2. I just finished a grow where I had two gorilla glue plants amongst several others. But it came out great.

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  3. Hi papa

    I grow soil cans terrain or light mix bio .

    Thank you
  4. What was your nute line and at what weeks did you make the feeds .
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  5. I’ve since moved on to an organic style of growing but that grow was canna coco nutes and canna coco medium 50/50 perlite. Fed everyday. Sometimes every other day. Fed since day one. Stoped nutes at day 50 and started to flush.
  6. Yeh I get that I use 30 Litre pots so I can feed every 2 days .

    I use some organic like bio buzz and fox farm , what sort of yield are you getting offer ,
    Grow time in veg
    Cropping /lollipoping ?

    Everything is important . Lol

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