Gorilla Glue Auto outdoor......Is this right?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Nuber-le, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. I grow indoor, but decided to put my 2 Gorilla Glue autos outdoor. She is in her 6 or 7th week of flower. She keeps popping more and more white pistils........ My indoor gets more dense and chunkier, is this what an outdoor plant usually looks like.?
    IMG_20190616_180222_633.jpg Resized_20190616_154741.jpeg

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  2. It looks like damn good weed. I'd just roll with it and see what they do in the fall.
  3. (ninja edit)
    The same thing is happening to me.
  4. These are autos, so the seasons mean nothing. Ima wait 2 more weeks, but GC said sometimes these will flower for 9 plus weeks uggggg
  5. Man outdoor is so leafy uggggg. Plant will yield me maybe 1.5 oz...... i am usto bigger nugs.
  6. Same seed packets;
    Last year... indoor;
    This year STARTED indoor;
    This year, now....

    WTF? They don't look at all alike.
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  7. Same issue here lol.....my indoor looks great, while outdoor looks linky and well not too big.....

    Maybe I will stick to indoor, but man it is hot.
  8. I'm sticking with the plan. Fox Farm Doo-Doo until harvest.
    This changed my best laid plans; I wanted to go back to growing photo-period plants... I find them more entertaining.
    The 'end product' is not important to me. On the other hand, my kids are enamored with the GG... so I want to keep a constant supply on hand. I was hoping that the outdoor grow would give us a similar yield, but they look so different... I dunno.
    Autos and photos don't mix well, inside... if these don't produce what I want, I need to grow my last GG seed under lights.
    If they DO produce, I'm headed back to play with photos.
    Life used to be so simple....
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  9. Photos I top and top and bend and do whatever lol....but I am stuck with 15 more auto seeds. I have some ZKITTLEZ and more Northern Lights.
  10. Updated pic from today.
    20190618_001736.jpg 20190618_001748.jpg

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