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Gorilla Glue and Keef Joint. 2 grammer.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Nuber-le, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Rolled up a cone and packed it with some Gorilla Glue that I grew. I also added 3 layers of some straight keef......yet. should be a good high or nah? 20190716_151325.jpg 20190716_151328.jpg
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  2. Oh yeah that gg will bake u let alone addin straight trichs to it

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  3. I agree with smokeout69 the Gorilla Glue will definitely pack a punch alone.
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  4. That looks fire man enjoy! This is giving me the urge to get some bud and roll a fatty been smoking only wax for about 2 3 weeks and that joint looks like it would be dankkk
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  5. It was a good smoke!! Super focused high and felt creative couchlock, the trichomes were more cloudy than amber. Will be making more soon. These 4 oz wont smoke themselves
  6. Bra I was stoned first time I read this I was like, Lord dont let this man be rolling and sealing his jointz with glue.

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  7. Elmers school glue to be safe lol
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