Gorgeous Nuggets

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by OneLove420, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. more nug shots....50 an 8th...its bullshit prices around here..once again scanner compresses it alittle

    o and by the way highlygirl i have started a new thread because people who have already looked at my old ones will not look at it again and nver see my new pics...ever think of that??

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  2. WOW, marijuana!!!

    looks ok.

    Edit: Why not just post another "how do I grow?" thread... or "how do i pass a drug test?" thread.. its all redundent and its all worthless.
    thank you for the lame as thread.
  3. i'd lay off the sarcasm, i live in a shitty place, them nugs are better than what i get for 50/3.5g . smoke it down mang
  4. damn, i stared at the nugs in the IM window you sent for like 5 mins.. then you posted the same pic on the city, and i stared for 5 more, damn i want those

  5. Going by what ur saying..this forum should be shut down because everyone has already seen every strain of weed there is out there and has already heard and experienced every way to grow weed.

    Damn your a jackass...
  6. what is up with some people today. this forum is for posting mary jane pics and i think when you get some new weed you should post it under a different thread. but the pass a drug test threads are redundent cause they are the same everytime. these however are not. keep posting those good weed pics guys
  7. I don't know about everyone here. But, looking at pictures is the best part of Grass city....

  8. signed

    and signed.

  9. the board is for people to post their pics. its not a repeat post at all unless his dealer took pics of it and put it on here, then he sold it to him, he took pics and put it on here. no one else hast he weed he has right now. he posted a pic, so stfu
  10. everybody gets so mad over nothing l.ol
  11. sorry for bringing up a negative thread again, but I left town and i feel like I need to get my word in.

    I posted out of sarcasm, and i know thats not cool... I was just fuggin around, I think you guys may have taken my post wrong. Whatever, i just thought it may have been more apropriate of instead of posting a new thread about it, he shouldve posted it in an old one... whatever I didnt mean to piss all of you off... but i dont really care. Its just funny to me to see thread after thread of the same "high quality" bud...
  12. it looks like gold.
  13. anyone know what this is

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  14. Anyone know what TYPE of weed this is.. THat better THC.. ha

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  15. pahahahha

    You CANNOT determine strain, out of 10,000's
  16. looks good bobby...hows it smoke
  17. smokes good not the best but it's from the east coast..
  18. Nice Looking Nugs, Like bobby820 said, its west coast =]

  19. Those are from the East Coast.. I'm in Boston for a lil vaca.. Best stuff I've seen around Boston in a long time
  20. its your average beasters here in CT, good smoke tho.

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