Gore plays Hardball.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jan 18, 2004.


yo... whats the deal here?

  1. yeah, i know this shit, i read, i care, i'm aware.

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  2. woah, i didnt know it was so clear cut. this opened my eyes a bit.

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  3. gore is gay.

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  4. i didnt watch it.

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  1. omg that movie was long as hell...

    go watch the season3 southpark jungle episode. It sums up how i feel....

    ps. Gore is gay :)
  2. ok frog, but look, there's no point in me trying to save you if you WANT to stay in the boiling water.

    i'm sorry this doesnt neatly fit into a 20 minute show split into nice easily understandable 12 second chunks... but thats REALITY for you, life isnt like an American sit-com.

    so get comfy, roll a nice big joint, and fuckin pay attention... this shit is more important than anything you'll ever do with your life. :p

  3. You make me feel so... irrelevant, hah...

    Well, I wasn't asking for a 20 minute show split into "understandable 12 second chunks". I was expecting to hear the point and listen to him press the issue. Not have all those other people thank everyone for the first 15 minutes of the video. THATS why i thought it was "long as hell". I have no problem with length, as long as it's length has some importance to the subject matter.

    Okay, i just rambled on about that and got off track of the subject at hand.. the environment.

    Basically, the reason we pollute more, is because we're progressing in every way, as a human race. Look how far we've become to living in caves and beating eachother over the head with stones. In order for us to continue to progress, we need to make sacrifices. I'm not saying that nature should be our sacrifice and we should destroy it, but don't wonder why we are polluting in the first place. We were polluting much more back in the 1800's in a ratio of people, to pollution generated. We've found cleaner ways to do everything. Think of how many people there were in the US in the 1800's, now think of how many people are in the US present day. If we continued to pollute and destroy like we did back then, we'd have no Earth left today. It's obvious that we're concerned with the way we do thing....

    We've ALWAYS been making cleaner, more efficient ways of doing stuff. These people just wan't us to STOP PRODUCING and clean. It's impossible to produce with out SOME sort of pollution. GET USED TO IT!
  4. This thread is 3 years old... Did it need resurrection?
  5. I wouldnt say Gore "is gay", but I would say hes an alarmist hypocrite...

  6. Wow, didnt even notice...

  7. Well global warming is still an issue and he searched rather than making a new topic, people always gotta ride someone about something?

    yell at people for making new threads, yell at them for bumping old ones :D
  8. Yes, Global Warming is still an issue, but there are many recent threads about the issue... *shrugs*. What ever floats the boat I guess.
  9. Yes there are more recent threads about it true but either way this thread will die down and find its self 20 pages back in a week so why worry about it being bumped now, giving it attention only furthers that problem :D

    This thread didn't need bumped but it got bumped and theres nothing we can do to change that so why worry :smoke:
  10. I am a worrier by nature. :p
  11. I didn't watch it. I watched An Inconvenient Truth, though, so that's good enough for me.

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