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Goooey brown liquid

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by JUST SAY NO, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. i smoke a heddie joint early this morning, i put half of out. saved it. smoked it two hours later. before i smoked it i observed that the joint sides were both brown, figured because of the smoke. smoked it, and put the roach out. went to put the roach in my jar and noticed a brown gooey substance on my hands from the blunt. not too much just a little drop. After abserving it for six minutes i lick it, and tasted like earwax. not exactly earwax, but if a joint could produce earwax, thats what i licked. could any body have possible answers.:confused:
  2. wow that sucks
  3. It's resin.
  4. Maybe from the blunt leaf itself? What were you using to roll it?
  5. this ^^
  6. dude its just resin. whats the big deal? that happens if you dont rol lthe jay tight enough. roll em tighter and then it wont burn ahead of hte jay's cherry
  7. ....and you know what earwax tastes like how? :rolleyes:
  8. LOL! I'm sure everyone has tried it at least once, usually as a child exploring the world. I remember it being bitter, and of course, never tried it again. :)
  9. well is it a joint or a blunt?
    the substance was resin.
  10. It doesnt matter what he smoked. joint or blunt or bong or bowl

    Its called resin

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