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Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by GOONie, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Well I wanted to start a journal for the plants I grow other than mj. Myles definately increased my interest in succulents so a thx goes out to him. These all grow extremely different that mj and I mostly collect plants that are interesting to me cause of shape, color, pattern, etc. Plus theyre fun to look at when you're baked which happens often :smoking: These all kinda float around to different spots, Ill throw em in with the MJ sometimes or just leave em on a window sill or next to the sink. I dont know why I enjoy these lil ones so much but I just do :cool: hopefully some of you out there will too!

    Euphobia Lactea Crest
    grafted onto another Ephobia
    I need to figure out a way to pull more color out of this one, its got nothing compared to others ive seen online.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    gymnocalycium mihanovichii
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    aloe harlana
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    haworthia fasciata variegata
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    haworthia viscosa

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    huernia confusa
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    adromischus cristatus
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    faucaria tuberculosa
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hopefully ill be adding some lithops next wed when the delivery truck comes to my nursery :hello:


    K well gotta get back to the medical grow, ill try and post new pics of these plants whenever theres noticeable new growth or I add to the collection. :wave:

  2. very cool
  3. Gotta do something to keep myself outta trouble... :rolleyes:
  4. That is very cool...I wanna grow different plants other than mj...I should look more into that.

    Euphobia Lactea Crest that plant is really sweet looking, where'd you get those plants from??
  5. HD or Lowes may have them, aka coral cactus. Check out specialty hardware stores and similar places too, they may have a better/different selection.

    There grafted onto the stalks of other plants so you may find different types. Check online for succulents and caciti, youll come across a bunch of wierd stuff.
  6. Cool stuff goon! I'll probably get into ornamentals myself after summer, right now it's all about the producers LOL
  7. Ya I only got a little 4x4 grow so I need something to keep me entertained while the lights are off :)
  8. Got some new plants yesterday :hello: hopefully ill get an aquarium together and ill get some nepenthes going like myles has.

    echinocactus grusonii

  9. lovin it bro!!! i should open something like this but i know im too lazy to regularly snap pics of alll my plants.
  10. Regurlarly? Each one has gotten 1 photo shoot so far lol. Im just doing this to see how quickly they grow.... maybe to make sure theyre even growing its such a slow process lol.

    Either gonna do once a month updates or maybe just shoot pics of a few of em every week or two. People on here dont really care and im not trying to go register on some other site just to keep a journal. Would rather have it trash free anyways, keep it easy on the eyes :cool:
  11. i know man im just sayin i have to many plants.

    would you mind if i threw some pics of my orchids when they flower? I have about 15 assorted varieties and one is budded up an ready to flower for the first time :D
  12. Your plants are cool. I wanted to make a terrarium so I will take some notes from you on plant selection. I really think cacti are nice lookin' :). Great thread. Keep up with the updates homie!
  13. Myles im barely gonna post in this thread so you and anyone else who wants to share whatever plants they grow in here is more than welcome. Maybe ill just rename this the GC community garden thread if theres other people that wanna share.

    AG ill let ya know when I start up my terrarium but im just the player in the game and myles is my coach. You might be able to pursuade him into posting some pics of his setup but as you can see my attempts have been failures :p
  14. what i did is i bought pvc (1/4 inch) and built a rectangular frame. then I took translucent plastic and encapsulated the frameand taped all seams. the end can be opened and closed by pulling tape off on the left n right then pulling the plastic up. Ill def grab pics cuz its tough to do the thing justice. Im actually building a much larger one for the plants to reside in outside over the summer
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    Is there a lil barrier or something on the bottom to keep the growing medium in there? Ive built grow tents out of pvc and panda before so I think this would prob be the cheapest and easiest way for me to get one started.

    How the hell do I go about transplanting a cactus? Just wear gloves? :smoking:

    Bring back some pics of a plant too!

    or else :cool:
  16. u must know me better then i thought..... threats def increase the chances of it happening :p
  17. I figure if your gettin it out anyways why not. Re read that last post I edited a big part of it.

  18. i have a thick white plastic that i used for the bottom. its a lil thicker then panda plastic and keeps it water tight. i dont have the plants planted in the box. they are all in individual pots as they dont reside in the same place all year.
  19. These are freaking crazy! I love how many different varieties and colors and crazy plants there are, thats why i love cannabis so much!! Its such a crazy plant with all of the varieties, colors, smells, tastes! Its awesome you put a grow of some different plants. In the mean time, please come by my grow and and comments or questions/suggestions are always welcome!!! Link is in my signature.
  20. That damn myles! He's just everywhere doin' everything ;):D!!! I wish I had that kind of time.

    I'm down with the terrarium thing bruh. I'll start on too and post pics here :D.

    Bring back some pics myles or you'll be ownin' some red gummiebears!!

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