Googles new logo!

Discussion in 'General' started by Grady, May 21, 2010.

  1. Check out googles logo for today man
    YOu can play pac man on it
    I think its pretty cool!

  2. I know what I'm doing all day at work now...

    * > productivity
  3. That is fucking awesome.
  4. That was fun.
  5. ya i saw that, its dope as hell. its been awhile since ive played though, i got chomped so fast
  6. haha google kicks ass, if you got gmail, there is a "lab" you can enable that makes it so if you hit a certain key in your inbox, a little box pops up and the game snake is just ready to fucking epic
  7. This is badass as hell! The level is cool!
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    There's even glitches i should have been killed a few times but was able to keep playing :bongin:

    pretty fun when you're blown
  9. Google just own something new everyday man... too sick
  10. i was sittin there glued for a good 20
  11. Too bad it doesn't change levels. :(
  12. I played for a few minutes, heard there is some patterns in it like the old games may have to find those later this weekend when I'm bored. They say it's gonna be up for another 48 hrs after today as well so people can play.
  13. Hahaha they are scared of following you into the "G"
  14. :eek:

    I was just gonna post this.

    Damn you!

    But this kept me entertained for some time. It's the shit.
  15. i wish i didnt suck at pacman

  16. this.

    but it's still
  17. nice! almost as good as topeka :]
  18. holy shit this is great, im pretty blazed and google does somthing awesome.
    It can even have 2 players!!
  19. :mad:Took all my coins.
  20. killed 5 minutes for me.

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