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  1. although i doubt it would exist, is there something out there in the internet similiar to google earth but on the universal level...or perhaps more likely on the galactic level?
  2. they have google sky but thats the closest you'll get
  3. We probably haven't explored any planets enough to the point where it would be interesting to zoom in and check them out, they'd all probably be artists' interpretations
  4. wikisky is pretty cool
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  6. Acid is usually like $3-$10 dollars. ;)
  7. ha im with this guy
  8. acid...if only i could find some :p
  9. Look up the Starry Night programs on google..there are various different versions, but they all do exactly what you're talking about to different degrees :) made for star enthusiasts, you can even plug telescopes into it and it'll direct the telescope according to its star charts...its got everything from nebula to other galaxies mapped, and you can zoom in and out like google earth too
  10. Thanks for that Universe Sandbox. I haven't tried it yet, but I know that I'm going to spend hours playing with that while stoned.

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