Google to the US, Fuck you!

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  1. Normally something like this wouldn't bother me, but its obvious google does their best to recognize every obscure holiday and anniversary there is. Just the other day they had a UFO in the logo to celebrate some UFO conference. That is expect memorial day and 9/11. Funny how nearly everyday you can find a new google logo acknowledging something, then on 9/11 nothing.

    Its as if they're purposely trying to offend people. So, I called them and what I was told made me more angry.

    ME: I just wanted to call and lodge a complaint and find out why you guys aren't recognizing 9/11

    OP: <audible sigh> I'm sorry sir, we don't recognize every holiday....

    Me: You think 9/11 is a holiday?

    OP: silence

    Me: The real reason is that you're all ideological assholes.

    OP: Sir...

    Me: just file my complaint with the others I'm sure you're getting.

    Google Ignores 9/11 as Other Search Engines Commemorate Solemn Anniversary - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News -
    Earth Day:

    Mother's Day:

    Father's Day:

    Martin Luther King, Jr Day:

    The Persian New Year:

    St. Patrick's Day:

    And of course, the Olympics:

    I for one will NEVER use google again.
  2. 9/11 isn't a celebratory holiday? :confused:
    All of those pictured are.

    This is not even close to being a big deal to me. Not even newsworthy.
  3. has the 9/11 memorial up...
  4. First of all, not all of those are "celebratory". Secondly, they cover all sorts of anniversaries and events. Including UFO conventions. They only seem to ignore those dates which are important to Americans, like Memorial day. Are you saying Memorial day doesn't deserve recognition either?

    Its clearly a thumb to the eye. Especially after my phone call to them, I can confidently sya they're assholes.
  5. This.
  6. I'm not sure I see eye to eye with you on this one. 9/11 is not a holiday, neither is December 7th, there's no way to honor the tragedy with a catchy logo. I think to do that would undermine the significance of the event we are remembering, IMO they are just being respectful.
  7. Good point. As far as I know Google has never had memorial-type themes.

    Doesn't mean Google isn't evil, though. They be readin' my g-mails, recording my IPz.
  8. BTW

    9/11 was an inside job. :devious:

  9. I agree, I think it'd be hard to do a cartoon mock up of 9/11. Gotta have balls for that one.
  10. But 9/11 isn't Memorial Day.

    So what about the UFO Convention, that shit is funny. 9/11 isn't funny, maybe they didn't feel it was appropriate to change the graphics today. As for your phone call, you can't get pissed off because the guy said one thing. I thought you were implying it was a holiday too. :confused_2:
  11. I never implied it was a holiday.

    Look, google has no problems using the logo to push politics.

  12. And how do YOU suggest they tastefully do a 9/11 Memorial with their logo?
  13. I don't think that Google has to do anything on their home page for 9/11, and their news service provides a lot of information about memorial services and other relevant items pertaining to the day.
  14. Put 2 towers with a plane towards it. On the "L" letter. ;)
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    SERIOUSLY? You called to bitch over their fucking logo?

    Get out of your house atleast once a week, dude. Or better yet, get a god damn girlfriend.

    But maybe Google should just change the O's to towers? What the fuck do you suggest, dumbass?

    name calling and disrespect don't fly here

  16. Exactly. And that is not tasteful at all, is it?
  17. Mr. Nationalism strikes again.
  18. Wow I seriously thought you where joking.

    Get over it man, it's just a picture, why does it enrage you so much?

    There are plenty of things to pissed off about OTHER than that.
  19. How is an iceberg in a completely static context a political statement? It's not melting under an intense's just an iceberg.
  20. You'll be back to using it within a week when you realise how shit bing is lol

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