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  1. Has anyone else downloaded and used this yet? Finally something designed for droids. I'm in the process of uploading my entire library onto google music, which is available anywhere, anytime.

    Google Music - Tour
  2. Fucking bastards. Only Available in the USA.
  3. Google needs to calm the fuck down
  4. Dude googles going crazy. i wish i woulda bought google stock back in my sr yr when we played a stock game in one of my classes. I had bought google and apple and they both were doing fucking great. then my partner sold them while i was gone D: needless to say, today they are like double what they were back then, in 09. Maybe not double but still its unreal. But googles taking over. Its good and bad. I like it. If it syncs my whole library to my phone, anywhere.
  5. Google music is absolutely sick! i've been using it since beta and i've got close to 9000 songs in the cloud that are accessible from any of my 4 Android devices...
  6. GOD DAMMIT, if only I had an Android.
  7. such baloney that it's only for android

  8. Dude, there's sooooooo much stuff out there that's iOS only, it's about time that Android gets some badass apps..

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