Google Is Sexist

Discussion in 'General' started by MariaJuana92, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. even with safemode off
    you can't find as many images of straight up vaginas as you used to
    but if you search penises those things come right up
    they actually went through and filtered it to just diagrams and work safe pictures, with a few tiny slip ups
    i don't understand
    why is a vagina such a "vulgar" thing
    it's fucking beautiful
    it's natural
    why hide it from results

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    It's simple, cause vagina's are quite mystical things and google just can't get into the magical zone yet 
  3. /googles vagina pics
  4. maria you're on a fuckin roll today.... for real
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    vaginas are beautiful! i agree with you 100%
    like how can we love tacos and display those so much but not vajayjay?
    ideally theyre the same.... right?
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    What the fuck is going on?! I literally can not work out what to type in order to get pictures of vaginas.
    If you type "porn" into google images now, there's more dicks than vaginas.
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    Turn off safesearch guys...

    Edit : Derp

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  8. It is my doing. This is how I will have things. No more google pussy
  9. very sexist indeed.
    i'm writing a very detailed letter of my concerns to my congressman
    I think the conspiracy might go higher up than that...
    It is my firm belief that we have angered the gods and must offer a sacrifice.
  11. no seriously i think this is some antivag conspiracy shit
    for real
  12. The Google experience is determined by Google users. Their search algorithms adjust search results based on the type of site you click on after every search. And your results might be different from mine.
    Evample, If someone searches for classic cars a lot and googles "ford" they will get a lot of classic ford results. Someone who has been online a lot shopping for a new car will get new car results.
    Its like a feedback loop. Hope that helps a little.
  13. no. that doesn't help.
    it's not like im searching up "censor female anatomy"
    plus everyone else got the same thing when they tried it
    it's weird
  14. Try "naked vagina".
    Trust me, it works.
    Tell me about it
    2008-2011 was like a golden age for vagina pictures
  16. who looks for images straight up a vagina anyways?
  17. OP what's your vag look like
  18. We should be more concerned with the fact that when you type in ceeertain politic phrases or politicians it will often purposely redirect you to other things more mainstream they'd rather have you see read and support.

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  19. i hate the new google image search, the only way to find dirty images is to include very vulgar keywords
    ex: search "vagina" not much comes up.
    search "vagina pussy fuck cum" dirty all over.

    ive just switched to bing for stuff like that

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