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  1. Okay, this is probably only because I recently watched the Da Vinci Code movie and then read the book, but then again, this sort of "what if" if you will has always been in the back of my head (I've always been a fan of conspiracy theories).

    Has any of you ever read up on Google before?
    Like both Larry Page and Sergey Brin are in all words, a certain aspect of genius (a capitalist genius I might add) both of them are young men, who have already reached the level of Doctorate in their field (well, almost, Page is in the process of achieving his) and both of them have high honors on when they earned their Bachelors of Science.

    now the other factor; Google Incorporated, started as a research project at Stanford and is now a multi-billion dollar corporation that isn't showing too many signs of decline (yet) and slowly moving into the field of communications and is consistently growing.

    Now the final reason for my Google Corporation Conspiracy, Sergey Brin, now this may sound racist, but its only because the theories themselves would be that it involves Jews, Sergey Brin is a Russian emigrated citizen who happens to be a Jew, now if anyone has ever read the theories on the Black Pope of the Jesuit Order, you'll understand why I say this, he is a highly achieved Jew, although, I'm unknown to the his faith in his religion, but I would certainly see this as possible (since it is just a "what if") member of such a high and secret organization or power.

    I see this as a growing organization of power in the U.S. Soon Google will be household in more ways then expected, becoming a leading name in Macroeconomics to come, they may even be able to have influential power in America (which company doesn't?) and the World to come.

    Another small step towards the New World Order :D
  2. So you're saying Brin is using Google as a means to influence America and eventually take over the world? And that Google is actually a front for a secret organization with hopes of world domination?

    Woah...thats wayyy out there.
  3. rather deep, but if that thought is actually thought about in your seems rather logical and it makes sense (chain events)

    and think about google's main purpose...

    search engine...for the INTERNET!
    its like a "phone book" you may never know whats out on the internet if google never lists certain websites...

    google's popularity made its profit

    Say you type in "Urban Mens Wear" more than likely business that sell products that would be described as "Urban Men Wear"..... companies pay google to give their websites a higher priority over other websites that didn't "bribe"

    get it? now google just has a lot of money hanging around that they could use to thats what they did
  4. Yesterday there was a pontiac commercial, and instead of saying "go to" It said Google pontiac! And is showed google's page with pontiac being typed into the search.
    And in just a couple of years, google went from being the name of a company to a widely used verb, google it.

    The other day we were googling stuff, and this giant google came and googled all over us, we were like WTG?
  5. I don't believe I've ever laughed harder Lebowski

  6. Wow, so he googled all over you too??? :eek:

  8. In my state there is this guy running for state office and on his poster that they have on the side of the street, it says "Google ______________"
  9. Until someone can explain to me how this guy knows how to make something extremely popular, I don't buy it.
  10. he gave it a weird name. haha google. hahahaha
  11. Google your user name,,,,
  12. i just googled all over myself and got some google on my keyboard. my keyboard is now all googly. :mad:

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