Google Glass User Detained By Feds Talks About Ordeal

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    Another example of why big government is a bad idea. DHS was created after 9/11 to protect the United States against terrorism it was given billions of dollars and a mandate to fight terrorism domestically. Now they are concerning themselves with things like piracy. Any government agency created will continuously fight to expand its power. 
    I would have been so angry if this happened to me as soon as the guy grabbed the glasses off of my head I would have punched him out badge or not. Why the fuck do they think its okay to grab your property without permission? Cops are the bullies from school all grown up. 
    BTW next time you see a cop snatch the sun glasses off of his face. You know what will happen? You would be charged with assault. This cop should be charged with assault, fired and sued. 
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    1st:  Just saying for me...'Your manager called Homeland Security on me over baseless suspicions...and your apology is tickets to four more shitty movies?  ...  ... 
    2nd:  DHS showed up in an hour from a random call about 'piracy', fully coordinated with mall security?
    3rd:  "I signed up for Glass but I guess I also signed up for being harassed by authorities that are unfamiliar with the technology. Some hiccups are to be expected with any new advancement."  I feel him, trying to stay low, but c'mon, DHS chasing pirates is just "hiccups"?
    ^  Yeah what I take away is that this shit happens a lot and it don't stop with field agents and mid-management.
    Like it's SOP instead of a 'perfect storm' type of situation.  Maybe this story got more attention because Glass was involved.
  3. Department pf Homeland Security coming in to a movie theatre for a multiple hour interrogation over fear he may be recording's funny, in an absurd way, beyond being sad.
  4. they have to do something to show us tax payers that they are 'keeping us safe' from harmful people such as that poor dude, ooo he might have recorded a crappy c list rated garbage of a film, oh yeah hes a total scumbag and I feel much safer now that bubba and bozo over there with 2 inch hard ons managed to save us from him.
    they deserve a medal, job well done.
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    Seems to me the owner could have just not been a dick and told the guy to take the glasses off or told him to put them in his car
  6. DHS is a circle jerk.  This just shows how amazing the federal government is at wasting money.
  7. Why does the article sound like a google glass advertisement?

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