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google earth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yer916, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. my license has been suspended for a while now, until April, so i have no way to get anywhere, and no car to do blunt rides. so whenever i'm bored i fire up Google Earth and scope out my area looking for good places to smoke. i usually alternate between the woods near me or the cemetery at night.
    does anyone else use Google Earth to find legit smoking places?
  2. Absolutely not haha. Doesn't seem like it would work that well to me. Theres a place called rock house reservation where I live and it's beautiful forest and a huge lake. THAT is the place to smoke haha.
  3. that sounds like a great idea!!! maybe ill start doing that while im on my t-break.. ive also thought this...what if you used google maps to find huge weed grows, wouldnt that be mad intense!?
  4. I have never used google earth for this but I've used the map on my iphone to find out if there were any cool places nearby to burn at.
  5. Would be awesome, but highly unlikley. :p But good idea! Although, i live in a flat land area, so there arent many hiding spots to go and smoke :rolleyes:

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