goodtimes cigars.....made for weed?

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  1. So I hate GT cigars, not even a huge fan of blunts, but I bought a few of the Good Times: double maestro grape cigars,

    My Wifey was fixing to roll one up when she pointed out there's a pot leaf on the package.

    Ok ok, its a palm tree, but seeing as how this came from the ghetto store, and noone smokes these as is I just found it

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  2. is that a white grape white owl in the backround? if so those are the shit to roll with
  3. Yea, when I smoke blunts, white grape whiteowls are all I prefer (except some crippy in a icy mint optimo, tho I can't find them,anymore).

    I bought some zags expecting to be like 1.29 or 1.79 as most stores around here but they were only .99c and then dude said I had to have a $5 minimum to use my card, so I grabbed a couple wraps, and a few rillos.

    But yea white grape SO...ftw
  4. Lolz. Gah when i get married i hope that my girl tokes and rolls me blunts...

    The Brosky:smoke:
  5. Lol, I've smoked for like 14years, but im a bong type of guy, I can roll joints but not blunts...then one day I tried rolling a blunt and failed, and she's like "lemme see it" and fixed it AND rolled another one.

    I was like hell yea, also she never smoked until a year or two ago, she's a natural.
  6. You don't like it? I'll take them :D
  7. Lol...well ill blaze one with ya. :)

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