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  1. "The Alaotra Grebe, a small diving bird native to Madagascar has been officially classified extinct, according to a leading bird conservation organization.

    BirdLife International reported that the species, once found on Lake Alaotra, the largest lake in Madagascar, declined rapidly due to carnivorous fish being introduced to the lake and the use of nylon gill nets by local fishermen.

    "No hope now remains for this species. It is another example of how human actions can have unforeseen consequences," Dr Leon Bennun, BirdLife International's director of science, policy and information said in a statement."


    Madagascan bird declared extinct -

    ???? - 2010

  2. Who the hell cares about a bird from Madagascar?
  3. You do man.

  4. I'm sure the Madagascans do.

    This is for all the Madagascans out there

    Hopefully there's a random one around pulling a 2pac on us or something.

    Bird: "God damn humans won't fuck with me anymore, right 2 pac?!"
    2 pac: "Yeah cuh they haven't found me in over a decade...just follow my lead."
  6. As if I didn't need more reasons to feel like a misanthrope.
  7. MPR: Species extinction rate speeding up

  8. Sigh... ignorance strikes again.
  9. I don't see anyone crying for the dinosaurs when an impact and the aftermath wiped them off the face of the planet, but a bird goes extinct because of us and we are all crying and upset or "ignorant."

    As if some bird actually matters. Animals die. That is how the world works, folks. Get used to it.
  10. This is not how it works. This is how we made it work, the dinosaurs died by something that happened naturaly and of world and universe order. We as humans have put things in motion that should happen. I understand we are going to make an impact no matter what but lets not just brush of how idiotic we are by saying its how the world works.
  11. Do you think that humans are the only animals to drive another species to extinction? That is actually exactly how the world works. It is called survival of the fittest and we teach that concept to nearly every child in our society today.

    The only difference between us and other animals is that some of us have this feeling of guilt because they have been taught about how evil people are from day one. Our society has taught us to never be proud of ourselves, our race, our species (apparently)... I mean come on guys.

    Animals die. That is how the world works, folks. Get used to it.
  12. I doubt it, considering they were the ones to drive them to extinction.

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