Goodnight GC

Discussion in 'General' started by pavlakos, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. idk why but i felt the need to wish everyone a good night and an even better tomorrow.

  2. Have a good one! See ya on the flip side!
  3. sleep is for suckers
  4. :smoking: hope you're havin pleasent dreams matey!
  5. Peace and stuff/:wave:
  6. to show how much love you have for me........
    and the city.

    but mainly me
  7. g'night! you're name looks familiar, I think i'll beel feelin fine tomorrow! Thanks =)
  8. Peace Pavlakos. :)
  9. Good morning, GC!
  10. About to go to mcdonalds in about 20 minutes, watch some olympics and go to bed!

    Nite GC

  11. 'Twas a good rest. I hope everyone else had a goodnight too.

    Here's to an even better today.
  12. cheers to a good day. im gonna go get payed, have a coffee, and smoke a blunt :smoke:
  13. seems like a lot of people have just been in good moods lately; myself included, I dunno what it is.

    Its 11:45 am, so... good morning GC... at least i just woke up lol
  14. me too, was supposed to be up at 9 but...oh well.
  15. now its my turn to say goodnight not sleeping yet of course but im planning to in a few hours.....have a great dayyyyy ^_^
  16. *bump*

    goodnight dudes and dudettes, its almost morning but its sleep time for me :D

    peace and love, sweet dreams, and like i said in my OP, hopefully a better tomorrow.
  17. peace
    pleasant vibes. :wave:
  18. Thanks main, Alsmot 4 in the morning here, Im feelin good, Hope everybody else is too/
  19. 5:17 here, but

    :) peace, its been a good day, even though there was drama, and i wanna wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow
  20. truuuuuth.

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