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Goodnight Everybody!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Goodnight Blades!

    I'm going to crawl into bed, go to sleep, and try to dream in color!

    I hope you all sleep well and that you have some killer dreams to talk about tomorrow. I love you guys!!!!!
  2. Good night. I wish you good dreams. I have had the craziest most realistic dreams lately, In fact I think i'm, gonna hit the sac too just for that very reason ;)
  3. I hope your dreams are nice and stoned!

    May the dreams be sweet and nice.
  4. aw, I missed saying goooodnight and sweet dreams!
    so in advance for tonight, goooooood night & sweeeeeeeeeeet dreams ;)
  5. Hey guys and gals.. IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR ASS OUTTA BED!!!!!!
  6. Yeah... no shit...

    I gotta go to work soon. :(
  7. I didn't say you had to be a slave.. lol just get out of

    Slavery has been released.. But if you have to work.. don't work to
  8. I usually try not to work tooo hard. lol

    That's why I'm there while they're all mostly sleeeeping. (I work in a group home)
  9. Smart move. It should take to nuch to care for the sleeping.. lol

    I am still looking for my perfect job.. Go in at 11 am get off at 12 pm, get an hour for lunch and make a 1,000.00 dollars a week! LOL
  10. I'm gonna have to get one of them job thingies pretty soon, oh well I guess my i'll just have to have more sex in the off hours instead of spreading it out throughout the day ;)

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