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  1. Well, in the light of Wykid leaving, I got thinking even more-so than I have been. I was looking around, seeing that I have just basiclly been a "wanna-be NAZI mod". After reading through some threads I have decided to leave. I don't know how long I'm leaving for, maybe just for the week, maybe for a month, maybe forever. But I can't stay on the forum any long and look at all these garbage posts. I mean I have contributed to the City, much like other members. But what do I get for it? I get called "retarded" and get told to "leave" from people with 20 some odd posts. It is mainly this thread that set me off . I know I instigated it, but he deserved it, if theres one thing I don't like more than a narc, it's a hypocrit, and that's exactly what he is. But when he tells me to leave, calls me retarded, and tells me to fuck off, when he's only been here for two weeks or so, and i've been here for two years, there's somthing wrong. All in all, RuMJiL.. Indy.. SJ.. all you guys, you are doing the best you can, sadly, it's falling short. The wave of immaturity is taking over and I don't want my memories of GC tarnished. I remeber the OLD GC, the fun GC...Now it's no longer fun, nor enjoyable. I will see you all at a later date. Good luck on the war on immaturity.

    Good bye... much love to you GC,

  2. I still think what I originally posted, but I had to edit it...
  3. Good Luck. I'm sorry to say I haven't kept track of any of your posts; but I know that being a mod is not easy work and you've been one for a long time. Thank you for your many contributions to GC. God Bless.

    Just for clarification, Aimed isn't a Mod. He is someone who cares about the City, though! *RMJL
  4. :wave:

    In all honesty, your over-doing it. No need to make it dramatic. I hope you come back, I feel the same way as you about the city, So I stop in less frequent. He told you to leave, and now your leaving... Your just giving in to the immature posts.
  5. You were a good member around here man...Hope to see you back real soon.
  6. I agree ^^
  7. No harm in taking a break. I just took a month long break and I feel much better for it.
  8. Actually Aimed isn't a Mod, but rather a prime example of a member that cares about the overall well being of the City. He does do his best to report stuff and keep the City on par with the values it was built on.

    Aimed, I think you're taking the easy way out my friend. It's pretty easy to get frustrated and just say "fuck it", but it certainly doesn't solve anything. Imagine what would happen if Rummy or I did that....just because you're not a mod or admin doesn't mean the situation is really any different, you're still a contributing member to these forums. I value you as a member, and I think you're making a foolish decision in haste. Slow your roll for a sec, maybe go smoke a bowl and think about what you're doing.
  9. MAybe a crack down on all these immature posters who are ruining a good thing.
  10. Yeah, fakked..Indy.. your both right, I think I'm over-doing it a bit. I had to go smoke a bowl, and I took a nice long walk through the snow covered woods. It's real relaxing out there. I took some pictures which I'll post up a bit later. It would be a foolish decision to leave and let in to some stupid shit. I guess I was just having a bit of a 'bitch fit'. ;)

  11. sorry man.
    hope that when you comeback people wont be dickheads torwards you.

  12. Just because someone told you to leave, you're gonna leave? Like fAKdded said, you're just giving into the immaturing postings.

    Think about this for a sec. You said it yourself, some guy with 20 posts tells you to leave. He has probably done nothing for the city, whereas you contribute nearly everyday and help make GC. I'd say think about it, before you decide to up and leave.

    If you do leave, I hope to be seeing you back sometime soon.
  13. Dont let us newbs get to you. Some of us look up to you guys.

  14. They,ve been doing that for a little while now. Theres just too many dumb posts all of a sudden.

    AFD I hope to see ya back REAL soon.

    EDIT:AFD just read your other post. Im glad you decided to stay man. GC would be alot worse without all the great senior members around. Just remeber most of these new people will be gone soon. Only the respectable members will actually stay
  15. Yeah, words from Indy and a few others, along with a few bowls, has persauded me to be here. I don't know how I could not be here if I'm high. :wave:

  16. Sometimes you just have to step back from things and cool off a bit, trust me I know. ;)

    Sounds like a cool spot you had for a walk, looking forward to checking out the pictures. Glad you'll be sticking around as it really doesn't help the situation to just walk away. It's your city too, and you shouldn't have to leave it just because the quality of postings has slipped to a low level. As I said in Wykid's thread a few minutes ago, Rummy and I will be cleaning the forums and the users beginning tonight. Things will be better soon. :)
  17. Glad you decided to stay on man!

    Even far before I bothered registering for the GC forums, I remember reading posts from members like you and how they were such positive and generous contributions to the forum.

    Welcome back.
  18. I'm glad you cooled off by the time I got home from work. ;) As Indy said in a post in another thread, there's going to be some spring cleaning here at the City and things are going to change for the better. :)

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