Goodbye Virginity, Hello STD

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by geetardude, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    So 2 1/2 weeks ago, I lost my virginity (go ahead laugh if it\'ll make you feel better about yourself). It\'s not that I couldn\'t get it before, I have a big thing on sex without love, and I\'ve always believed it was worth the wait. I met this girl sometime last november, and at the time she had a man-whore for a boyfriend that treated her like shit. Fucking douchebag. She had just moved to my town like 2 months before, and he was back in her old town 5 hours away. They were trying to make it work. Well, I\'m not the best looking guy by any means or whtanot, but something about the way I talk to her, made her start to like me. By the end of the 2nd week, she told me she was starting to fall in love with me. We ended up kissing and making out, but I wouldnt have sex with her because she was still with him, and she still loved him for only god knows why. Anyway, some things happened that I\'d rather not discuss, and we stopped talking for 6 months. I decided to contact her again, to get back to know her. She told me she still loved me and always will. Well, she had broken up w/ that fuck, and got with another guy that I happened to work with who also happens to be a major douchebag. He ended up cheating on her, so that was done. Then she started to hang out a little more with me, and it happened. No condom. About 2 days after, my dick really burned when I pissed. Then it burned after I choked the chicken a few times. I already had a good feeling of what was coming. Speed up a few more days to today, I had to go my doc anyway to get my asthma inhaler prescriptions refilled, and I told her about it. Well, she swabbed my cock twice. Fucking stuck a q-tip thing in my pee hole like an inch. DAMN DID THAT BURN!!! Before she asked me if there was any discharge, I hadn\'t noticed any. She told me there was indeed a little discharge. This happened about 40 minutes ago. I\'m supposed to call in 4 days for the result, but I bet I already know what it is... :(

    It\'s really fucked up feeling inside right now. I don\'t hate her. I hate the original boyfriend, and I seriously want to slit his throat. He\'s been with at minimum 75 women. It\'s all just my own drunken stupidity...
  2. Damn dude I\'m sorry to hear that...

    [I know you\'re gonna hear this a million times but WHY didn\'t you strap up man?] Hope whatever you\'ve gotten can be treated, good luck.
  3. Hopefully whatever you got can be treated with a shot of penicillin and a bunch of prayin heh.

    Im allergic to penicillin..random fact but yead dude sorry to hear that.

    And from now on, strap up.

  4. Same here ;)
  5. Ouch dude, that burns, literally. :D I\'m sorry, I had to make a little laugh about this. It\'s kind of ironic the first girl you fuck gives you a STD. Anyways, I never EVER strap up, i don\'t like condoms, and I haven\'t caught an STD, yet. I pray I don\'t, but I don\'t go fucking anything that walks either though, you just got some bad luck mayne, tell that bitch to go to the doc\'s and to quote the Kottonmouth Kings \"TAKE A BATH!\"

  6. No offense to any woman, i really mean it...

    But if some girl burned me like that, KNOWING she had a fucking std... id smack her face so hard she cant see straight. sorry, thats attempted murder, or may as well could be.

    its your fault you raw dogged it, but she HAD to know she had a fucking std. she burned you.

    and before we get onto the topic of i wouldn\'t hit a woman, id hit a woman if she tried to kill me, or give me a disease. id smack the shit out of her.
  7. You both probably have climidia.... i know tons of people that have had it, and the symptoms are the same. you probably just need to get the drink or whatever.
  8. I agree with your above post, if a girl knowningly gave me an STD, cureable or uncurable, I would smack the shit out of her. Honestly, she HAD to know she had it, you don\'t just not know that shit. Ouch. Hey, watch Dave Chapelle to see which STD you have! haha

  9. It\'s a good idea to get tested if you ever have unprotected sex.

    Sometimes, you can be a carrier, and not even show symptoms.

    Unprotected sex is always a bad idea.

  10. I\'d rather not get tested untill my dicks burnin\'. If I\'m carrying somthing, I\'d rather -NOT- know. Call me an asshole for it, but I don\'t wanna know if I have somthing. I\'ve gotten a test before and never again will I, those fucking swabs up the dick HURT.

  11. id pay ole frita down on main street 5$ to brush her teeth with that bitches tooth brush n hopes that she\'d get herpes from her :devious: eye for an eye

    just joking
  12. hahaha you bastard lol.
  13. \'\' could we use a different phrase than, SPANKING YOUR CHICKEN\'\'

    makes me feel like like a dick.:p

    damn dude,,, wear a rubber,,, i bet this incident, makes you strap up from now on,,,,

    dont be mad at her,,, just get a blowjob ,,from her, until she gets a shot in her ass,,,

    did you stick your finger in her twat and smell it first? being a virgin i doubt it.

    the finger is the first step to getting a new piece of ass,,,, gotta smell that thing,,,,, if it smells rotten,,,, then just settle for some head,,,,

    you gotta be the alpha male, in these circumstances,,,, it\'s your piece of ass,, shes just carrying it for you,,,, she may want to give it to you,,,, but its your decision if you want it,,,,;)
  14. damn sucks bro...
  15. Well now your getting that \'real world\' education, man I feel for you! The rule of thumb is...ALWAYS use a condom...I know it\'s too late now, but I had to say it.

    Hopefully she didn\'t get pregnant too...something to think on for a few weeks.

    I know they make excellent toys, but dicks and pussies are loaded weapons, also.

  16. Or a pen (your dick), signing a life long contract (her vagina).
  17. Soooooootrue, yet sooooooooooooeasy to forget, when \"johnny comes marching home\"...
  18. Sucks ya got burned. From what it sounds, you should be OK with some shots/antibiotics... Now ya know to wrap that shit all the time! Reminds me of that movie kids, where that girl (who\'s only fucked 1 person, 1 time) goes with her friend (who\'s a skank) to get tested... Turns out the skank is clean as a whistle, and the 1-timer got HIV... Go figure, huh?

    I agree... I\'m not one to hit a woman... BUT If I got a STD from someone who KNEW she had it, I\'d knock her the fuck out... Then when she came to I\'d knock her the fuck out again. That shit\'s no joke.

    So you\'re saying that you\'d want the girl to be tested, so she knows she\'s not giving YOU something, but you, yourself, won\'t get tested? IMHO, that\'s a bit hypocritical...

    BTW, they don\'t NEED to do the swab to test you... It only takes a little blood so they can test for antibodies (sp?).
  19. Some STDs that show signs in men don\'t show them in women.... and vice versa..... She MAY not have known she had it.

    And IMHO its a dumb idea not to get tested unless you\'re \"burning\" HIV is alot easier to treat in the early stages... like most other STDs.

    Be safe blades, be smart.......
  20. Its true, sometimes you can have something and not experience any symptoms, and STDs can be transmitted thru oral sex, so dammit get your asses tested and use a condom!
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