Goodbye Mary Jane, I'll miss you!

Discussion in 'General' started by syntax13, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Well this is where I part ways, at least for a little while, with everyone at GC. Last night ended badly, to make a long story short, I got busted by my dad with no way out, lost about $50 worth of weed and smoking apparatus, and if caught smoking again I basically won't be able to drive for a long time.

    Its been fun and until I can smoke again, farewall blades. Smoke a bowl/joint/blunt for me.


  2. Rep + for making the right decision, and good luck with everything!! I'm sure college is right around the corner...and all the freedoms that come with it! Hang in there, and at least come back every once and a while and let us know how you're doing! Peace.
  3. sorry to hear that my next bowl is for you Good Luck in all your future endevors:wave::(
  4. Sorry to hear that man, but good luck with everything and hope to see you back 1 day.
  5. I'm sorry for you bro, but hey, at least when you rip that first bong after you move out, you will be blooooooooooooooooown
  6. Sorry to hear dude, good luck..this bowls for you
  7. Hate to see it end for you man, but you are making a good choice to listen to your father man.. See ya round! JOE>:wave:
  8. damn man that sucks i know how you feel sunday night i talked to my mom on the phone stoned and she knew and told my dad the next day that i was high which he doenst care and she hasnt brought it up since obviosuly she didnt care!
  9. shitty man.. ill blaze one for ya.. after a week youll already forget about the ganja so dont worry man
  10. Sorry to hear it.....

    My session tonight will be dedicated to ya. Stop by and chat every once in a while.:wave:
  12. damn that sux ma next bowls for you bro
  13. as delawhere said man, if youre drivin college is probably right aroudn the corner, so look for ward to that man !
  14. peace out man, be sure to check in at least once in a while haha
  15. that sucks man. i somehow got lucky and my parents were cool. i see your in FL too. if your anywhere near orlando PM and me, you, and UFT will chill sometime
  16. ive got a fat blunt blazin for ya rite now man.peace
  17. what she said except you may wanna try to inform him about the possitive effects of herb

    if you've been stressed out as of late it's a very healthy natural alternative to fucked up suicide inducing anti-depressants

    if he sees it in a relaxed medical light it may open his eyes even an inch will be helpful
  18. That sucks dude, my Dad just found out the other night. I didn't really hide it, he asked me if I was stoned and so I said I was. He's just playing the authority figure lecturing me and shit, because I know he tokes and he didn't say I had to stop, just not to be stupid. Now my plan is slow, gently education so I can prove to him I'm not just some dumbass stoner, but informed. Anyway, what I'm saying is that since they know, you should try to work on them a bit. Either way,, good luck and I'll hit the pipe one last time before bed for ya!

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