Goodbye, Lost.

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  1. It's over. what are your thoughts/reactions?

    The finale hit me on a strong emotional level, but left my thirst for answers greatly unsatisfied. I still need some time to think everything out...

    what did you folks think?
  2. i watched the first seasons finale and then this finale.......what i miss?
  3. so whats the answer/?
  4. The series finale wasn't about answers, it was about resolution and letting go for the main characters. Many questions were left unanswered.

    There's already a big discussion about this in the correct forum.
  5. i wouldnt know either way, i never watched a full minute if any epidose.
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    I've only seen episodes on and off, I'm watching the finale now. Kinda "lost" because I didn't see everything leading up to it

    I'm probably going to get some dvds to catch up. It's hard not seeing any spoilers.

    I wish GC had the spoiler tag
  7. I missed the first hour of the 2hr 30mins episode and was pretty pissed.
    But the ending was the most incredible thing I've seen on television. And when they touch and get flash sideways to their time on the island it hits you on a whole new level.
  8. I watched like three episodes back in like 2007

    But I watched the finale last night and even though it was very grandiose and the death stuff bummed me out, it didn't even answer any of the questions I had from my limited exposure

    So, like, everything that happened on the island was just a death-related dream? Or...? The Dharma Initiative was nothing?
  9. I think the what the show actually was leading answers to were things like when/where they are is irrelavent. Christian said in the place of worship "try not to think of it as 'here' or 'right now'. He then goes on to tell them how rubbish their previous lives were and what they did on the island was the most importance they've had all their lives therefor fulfilling a purpose in life.
    So the parallel timeline going on as if the plane never crashed was actually them with no life just souls ready to move on. And they all connect with someone they have loved on the island and if you didn't then you haven't got redemption. That's why Ben sits outside the church place. (which is set after they have all died some way or another)
  10. look up "purgatory" and that's what the flash side ways were
  11. Why is Hurley still fat man.
  12. Yeah, but they could have done that without polar bears, smoke monsters, experiment stations, flipping numbers, etc...

    I mean, come on

    It was just an imaginary series of tasks for them to build relationships or something? Like a corporate retreat in Hell?

  13. The show is more faith based than scientific. I think the whole Dharma thing was there just to confuse the viewers so the show was a little more unpredictable.
    The flipping numbers were the timer to stop the electro magnetic build up from the center of the island.
    This e.m.p. is caused by the light in the center of the island

  14. haha..actually yes...character building, based on the choices they made-analogous to our lives here on earth...or like an ungodly rendition of survivor..where the winners get to move on and live together happily ever after

    I had watched it off and was decent, but seemed like the writers like to just pull stuff out of their asses

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