goodbye klonopin and the city :(

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  1. well goodbye to you klonopin. weve had some good times. dissolved my last 5mgs under my tongue. couldnt wait for my mom to get home at noon to give them to me (she insisted she should hold onto them cuz ive gone thru like 40 pills in 5 days). anyways shes gonna flip a bitch cuz i went searching thru her room, broke a lock box and finally found the pills in a completely different spot. hope i'm not kicked out cuz thats been looming in the air. but right now i dont care, thats the power of klonopin. i dont take that shit it takes me. anyways, if im not kicked out im gonna start a kratom regimen and try looking for a job. im quitting smoking weed cuz i need a job and i'm thinking of joining job corps. my days of partying are gone and its sad cuz i just turned 18 at the beginning of this year. i will also have to quit smoking pot probably because i need to get a job or at least get into job corp. so i might not be around anymore on the city (not that anyone cares). but i wish you all the best in your lives and take care.
  2. ah man.

    Well, some of us have to grow up sometime.

    Take it easy deezy.
  3. be easy brother.....

    and be gentle with yourself

  4. Thanks for the reassurance, man. Didn't know if you were serious or not.
  5. Wow, man, that's some willpower you got there to get your kpin fix. Hope you don't get kicked out, and good luck on getting a job. Just don't become a junkie with the money.
  6. haha yeah i noticed that too. k-pinned out.
  7. why do people always say that they are going to stop smoking because they are gonna get a job?? THATS ALL THE MORE REASON TO SMOKE. i swear if i dont smoke at my job i go nuts. why worry about piss tests? get the whizzinator...
  8. are you advertising the whizzinator?

    oh and on topic --> It's a good idea giving up the benzos deezy :) good luck :wave:
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    your gay
  10. i cant afford a damn wizzinator and my mother trips about me smoking and i can either live at home for the time being (as in till i get a job or join job corps) or live on the street and i need to quit smoking to get into job corps cuz there are no other goddamn jobs where i live. its not like its something i would do if it wasnt my last option. it just sucks when all your friends are living at home, rent paid, doin as they please and you gotta do it yourself but complaining will get me no where. and as a last word fuck klonopin that shit has really ruined my life as well as other Rx. this could either been the start of somethign great of the beginning of the end. goodbye yall.
  11. peace amigo.but there are alot of ways to pass pis tests.not just the whizzinator lol
  12. take it easy then, hope all goes well
  13. i dont smoke bud anymore but i still post here

    its not all about the weed, just the rec marijuana use sections n what not, the rest anyone can post in
  14. i don't feel sorry for you at all, your a junkie who needs to get his head on straight
  15. Stay easy deezy, and watch that short-term memory haha, kpins will definitely fuck you over there, too.

    Hope all turns out well for ya, man, it's always sad to see a blade go.
  16. dont really know you man, but i wish you the best. maybe when you get your shit straight you can take buck up toking up?
  17. Just dissolved 2mg of Klonopin under the tongue for ya, man... hope things work out; best of luck.
  18. Damn Deezy, we got along so well bro.

    I wish the best for you. I send you some of my karma and good will, hopefully it finds it's way, and helps you find yours.

    Peace brother.
  19. Good luck man a lot of us understand and can relate to you - if you didn't know well now you do, you have a lot of support from us here. Whether it's on AIM or the boards got a family here.
  20. if any of you guys care he's doing well and is no longer taking benzo's. Nor do i post here anymore and for the same reasons as him. If any of you remember me :].

    keep on, keepin on gc

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