Goodbye Grasscity...!

Discussion in 'General' started by TheDope, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. In 30 minutes I am undertaking a 45km bike ride from the city that I live, to the town that my mom lives in. I got a shit load of water, energy drinks, fruits, nuts, energy bars. I'v never biked this far in my life, so i dont know what to expect. I have a doobie rolled for when I get about half way as a little reward.
    I chose a good day to do it to as it is very sunny and clear, but no very hot.
    I figure it will take me about 3-4 hours to finish, if im biking slow, and ill probably be owned after.
    Goodbye GC, if I die halfway there, it was nice knowing yall for the 21 days iv been here:D
  2. goodluck dude!! tell us how it goes if/when you get back k?:wave:

    and just have fun!!
  3. energy drinks would be a good way to get dehydrated .... but ill be out for a little while ... my senior year football season has me busy as shit (yes, i am 18)
  4. Yeah energy drinks are the total opposite of what you want to be drinking.
    Good luck ! Be careful with that doobie, could be dangerous. I know if I lit
    it up, id say fuck it, go find a mcdonalds, then take a bus home :D
  5. how many miles is that?
  6. 28 miless
  7. That is one long-ass bike ride. Last summer I went for a super long bike ride circuit around the outskirts of guelph that ended up being just under 50 km (I traced it out on google earth afterward), and let me tell you my legs were fuckin' rubber afterward, I could barely support my own weight. Also, I ran out of stuff to drink 2/3 of the way through, so the last stretch was brutal.

    But yeah, the energy drinks are probably not a great idea, just bring gatorade and water. I guess you've already left though, so whatever, haha. I'd save the joint for the last third of the ride, I don't know if I'm the only one but weed gives me like a second wind, I never seem to get tired when I bike after blazing. The only problem is the wicked cotton mouth you get riding into the wind on unpaved country roads.
  8. It's even worse when your buddy is whippin pissies around the corner in front of you.
    All you can taste is dust, hahaha.
  9. i LOL soo hard to tht,
    i would do tht if i blazed xD
  10. enjoy the doobie after the whole trip! dont do it half way you might just stop there
  11. I made is GC, took me 3 hours, and im fuckin hurten right now! Time to go for a little snooze.
  12. pedal away and good luck

    im too late. .

    ah blast
  13. Really, that's not a long ride, I rode 70 miles several times when I was younger, altho right now I need to fix up one of my bikes and get in the shape to do that kinda thing again.
  14. good luck and stay up.

    i'd smoke that joint when you get to the end.

    it'll feel a lot batter

    with all the adrenaline pumping and w/n
  15. what a shame. all theyre gonna fine of that boy is bones and clothes...:eek:
  16. Congratulations!

    But do know how epic it would have been if you died? People would be like, "What happened to TheDope? Did he survive that bike ride? Did he get hit by a car?"

    That's the stuff legends are made of. :wave:
  17. I heard he was eaten by a giant THC worm

  18. oh no dont go startin that again...

  19. :smoke:
  20. Hahaha that woulda been epic. Like 2 blocks after I left my house, I was like fuck it, I cant do this, but I kept pushin through:D

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