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Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys, Spaz here. Well, Today is the day... October 8th, 2007. I leave for bootcamp today, and I officially ship out tomorrow. Here's how it goes:

    1:30 go get my sis, meet some family and friends and the recruiter's office by 2.

    Leave recruiter's by 2:30. You get picked up in a shuttle van.

    Get driven to a hotel in southern NJ, And check in and chill there for the night.

    Wake up at like 4am, Shower, and go eat breakfast.

    Leave the hotel by 6, Get on the bus to Fort Dix MEPS.

    Get processed again, this one is pretty quick. But bussed out to Atlantic city, or Newark airport.

    Board plane, and fly to Lackland Airforce Base, San Antonio, Texas.

    And That's where I stay for 6.5 weeks. Graduation is the Friday right after Thanksgiving. I won't be able to go online during bootcamp, So I'm saying goodbye now. But, when I graduate bootcamp, I head straight to tech school. Not sure where that is yet, But It's essentially Military College. I'll have my laptop, own dorm room, I can't wait.

    Bootcamp's gonna be a little tough, but I know I can get through it. I've been visiting the city For a little over a year, and it's a sad break. I'll miss you guys, But I'll hit you up when I get around!
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  2. Good luck man, I'm sure this'll be the same baked place when you get back.
  3. Sweet!!!!!
  4. good luck man, you will have fun in San Antionio, mainly because it is near austin, which is the best place to be in texas. Too bad you can't smoke either, because all the mexicans in SA have some DANK weed, or they have CHEAP weed!
  5. Good luck man. Thats sounds like something i'd like to do.

    We'll be waiting for you.
  6. I know the routine, lol. I did the same thing for Marine boot (they sent me home, though - medical reasons).

    Shit's crazy man. You're in for a total shock. After the first week or so you'll be pretty used to the routine, and it won't be nearly as bad. Get as much sleep as you can while on shuttles, planes, etc. Otherwise you're gonna be up for a long time ;)

    I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to you posting again when you're done! Be safe man.
  7. what a memory flash back reading that post gave me. know that they take everything. so dont take it. lol

    i know things have changed since my days in uncle sams army, but some things never change.

    have fun and dont volenter for shit. forget the word gun and dont put your hands in your pockets. above all. dont shoot your drill sgt the 1st time you think you have live ammo. you dont and he does have a loaded 9mm:)

  8. I wish you the best of luck bro, come back and update us as soon as you can. :D
  9. Good luck dude! Be sure to tell us how everything goes when you get back :)
  10. Godspeed young one

    hehehe....good luck mang

  11. I will. And thanks to everyone who has offered advice. I can't believe the day to leave is already here. It's like in July when I went to MEPS for the first time. And then I still had 3 full months before I left.

    I'm in shock that it's October already. I graduated High school in June, So this was my first "permanent" summer. I've been living like it's still summer. Now, I have to give up that life, and move on.

    It's tough leaving. Part of me says " Dude, Stay a bit longer. Getting wasted and fucked up every night, just coasting through life, Just a bit longer!"

    But I know a bit longer will lead to a couple years, and next thing I know, I'm stuck here, a broke drug addict. I needed to change, and needed to realize I'm not a kid anymore. I'm sure my T.I. will remind me, so I don't forget:D. I'm still shit nervous. I can't stand getting yelled at, especially while I'm being forced to run and do pushups.

    I just want to make it through that first week. I know we won't do ANYTHING satisfactory in our T.I.'s eyes. But, things will be easier to deal with after that first week. I've been telling myself:

    " Remember how FAST the school year went. That was 10 fucking months bro. It doesn't matter if you're having fun or not, cause time moves the same."

    I can't wait till after that first week. Sure things will still suck, but the days and routines will just kind of melt into each other. I'm still mad nervous about leaving. I was comfortable in my bubble, but change isn't a bad thing. To grow and mature, we must change several times in life.

  12. Yo man, the fuck is wrong? Atleast have the common courtesy to thank your fellow man for putting their life in jeopardy so your punk ass can sit at home and smoke weed all day.

    Show a little respect.
  13. good luck spaz, hope you went out with a bang like you wanted, with the chick and the powder etc., you know the shit you were talking about in your other thread

    peace bro :wave:

  14. Haha yeh homie... Saturday night:

    26 shots of Grey Goose.
    3 beers.
    My 4 closest friends, and 3 naked chicks. Fun night.
  15. Spaz good luck at bootcamp, stay outta trouble ( for the most part ;)) and kick some ass. Well miss ya while you are gone, but when ya get a chance, pop in and say hi!

    Good Luck!

  16. Haha, Im quite serious. But yeah, I graduate the day after Thanksgiving, and my Moms is bringing my laptop with her... So probally by the next weekend, I'll be back online.
  17. byeee just started to recognize your screen name and start to get to know you i guess, too bad you cant send me letters, but they will never get to me anyway, tell us all about it when you get back
    what you learned about how to deal with certain situations, im sure you will learn some things about your mind, and how to be there without really being there
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  18. Dam, see ya later spaz. I wana wish ya the best pha sho dog. <3
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  19. Stay safe man. Hope you ...uh enjoy(?) bootcamp..
  20. When you get to the hotel, do not get tempted in to partying. You will be in for the longest day of your life. They want you completely exhausted, and hungover. I've been through it and I was lucky enough to have a heads up. I remember how hard it was to get to sleep in the hotel. 90% of the people shipping out were drinking til about 3 or 4am. We started our journry to boot camp at 5:30 am. We did a lot of waiting around. We finally arrived to the base at 1:30am the next morning. They rushed us through, we got to bed about 4am. (up almost 24hrs) Then they woke us up at 5am, in an extremely noisy manner. The mind fuck began.

    The most boring day I've ever had. It did get fun for me for a couple hours later in the day. They took us to a building, it was hot as hell, and they made us sit in silence. They would call 3 or 4 of us back at a time.They would start the questioning. This is where it got fun for me. I think I made my toungue bleed from biting it to keep from laughing. Some of these dumb, exhausted both physically and mentally, hungover recruits were crumbling. They would start off asking you what you lied about. They would try and convince you that they would find out. I heard guys crying like a bitch and confessing to smoking weed at a party. It was funny as shit. Pay close attention to the crackerheads. The guys that fold under pressure are the one's you want to avoid. They will narc you out in a minute.

    Do not volunteer for anything, except Drill Team. If they offer it, it will be the last thing you can volunteer for. The guys that volunteered the 1st day to be the leaders, took the most shit throughout boot camp. Be a wallflower. You do not want them to remember your name. Drill instructors will come barging in unannounced and they will scream for the 1st names that pop in their head. good luck, and Godspeed

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