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  1. For a little while at least. I got a job in Washington at a summer camp for two months and I won't have any internet or phone service. Some of you have probably seen me post about wanting to leave California and I'm very happy to say I will be moving to Washington in September  :yay:
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to this site and everyone on it. I've gotten to know some wonderful people in the last eight months and I'm really gonna miss a lot of people...more than my friends IRL actually haha. You guys don't know how much you've helped me just by being here  :love:

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    post tits or gtfo
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    hell yeah! i'll be in the Big Bear area working at my camp in less than a month.... we should toke ;)
  4. still dont know how you look!
  5. Whereabouts in Washington? Don't need complete specifics...Just curious how much fun you're going to be having :)
  6. Good luck Honeymoon :D I'll keep in touch.
  7. I'll be here when you get back, I'm sure. :D :wave:
    Best of luck to you, Miss Honeymoon. :love:
  8. i want out of california....i'm jealous
  9. Lame you're one of my favorite bladies..hope ya have a good time :yummy:
  10. See you in two months, hon! Be good!
    Granny :wave:
  11. Don't worry, I'll be here to hold it down.
    I can't live up to honey's bad-assery, but I do what I can. ;)
  12. I'm gonna miss you. :(
    Don't forget to stay in touch!
  13. Enjoy your summer. :smoke:
  14. If it weren't for my constant aggravatin' you...You might not of made it this far.
    Best of luck. :cool:
  15. [​IMG]
    Nah, for real. See you later haha.
  16. We'll miss you darlin'!  Have fun at camp!
  17. have a good summer 
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    nah but for srs
    you are a one of a kind honey. you'll be missed! but... at the same time its fuckin rad you'll be out and about doin cool shit so its a nice trade off. Our hearts desire change, one way or another it'll get what it wants. Be safe.  :bongin:
  19. Hope its fun and good luck.

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