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    I am posting this here because it is where I post most of my stuff on this forum. In case there is anyone who likes to hear from me and would miss me, this is what I am doing and why.

    As much as I like this site, it has become a huge time-suck and addiction for me. I have for a long time been trying to decide what I want to profession-career wise and searching for what is really in my heart. I'm done doing shit jobs I don't like so that I can have a little bit of free time at the end of the day.

    Becoming a professional musician is what I want. To understand the essence of music, to be able to play any instrument, sing anything, compose anything.

    Why I have to quit checking and posting on this forum is because I suck at music currently, yet have an overwhelming desire to master it. Studying music is hard. I am done seeking relief from studying. I will embrace the mental discomfort it causes. I will put all my available time into it. I will have no other choice but to learn to like it and get addicted to reading notes, practicing playing, etc because it is all I will have left.

    I promise you all and myself that I will not get on GC until 2016. Sorry for anything we've left unsaid and undiscovered. But I also promise you this; I will be back next January for a little while and I will share anything about my journey you did or didn't want to know.
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