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Good work:Good pay

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by someGRAVYdank, May 30, 2009.

  1. so tell me guys if this is a good deal. I work at my stepdads house doing weedeating,mowing the grass, and other yardwork jobs. During my stepdad gives me a gram jay and then after we smoke a blunt. Those are the usual payments but ive stayed over at his house 2 nights and was smoked up by 3 blunts and some bowl packs. So is it still worth it to work for him, personally i think its a hell of a deal haha.:smoke:
  2. So he just pays you in smoke ups? Not bad but personally I would want to get some money. Sounds pretty cool though :smoke:
  3. good idea :}
  4. yeah we made a deal on that, that's the thing he doesnt pay with money.
  5. if its good weed thats good
  6. No way is that worth it, Maybe if it was once in awhile, But if you get paid, (ecspecially landscaping, minimum is usually 10 an hour) so that 400 a week if you work full time. Do you think he is smoking you up on 400 dollars worth of bud per week?

    I mean I guess its cool, but would stick around too long. You can buy your own bud and alot of other stuff w/ cash
  7. yeah its high-mids

    yeah i used to get paid 10 an hour but the thing is i only go down there like two or three times a month to do the lawn work. If i went down there more i would confront him about giving me some money.
  8. Hes working for his stepdad doing oddjobs; I highly doubt that hes working 40 hours a week making 10$ an hour. I remember when I did shit for my Dad, Grandma, or Stepmom, it was about 10 hours worth of backbreaking labor to get paid like 20. So fuck ya I think its a good deal for ya.

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