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    Those are the requirements for the iPhone boot logo. i want a custom one...

    an Apple filled with nuggets. I want a fairly big apple and it to look like a bud. SO basically an apple shapped bud! haha ALso have it say DANK below it in graffiti type font.

    if thats confusing tell me. If you can photoshop that let me know! greatly appreciated... Trying to pimp out my iPhone
  2. no one can photoshop?
  3. was bored so i gave it ago :)

  4. omg amazing!! does it fit the size proportions?

    as far as i can tell no... but htanks
  5. sorry mybad didnt read the size you wanted but i can change it it you want, pm me.
  6. You can change it yourself just open photoshop and hold shift with the move key and then click the corner and hold it and make it bigger or smaller. Or just use paint.
  7. i did it myself thanks
  8. Here, I created this from the logos, its not exactly what you wanted and I know you already did it, but I think other people might appreciate this. Don't download this first one, it wont work, its just a preview for you guys!


    Download the one below this line, it will work with Pwnagetool


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