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Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. JIMI, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. alright, i dont have any pictures, because i dont grow any or anything...but i was just wondering why every single time i ever smoke with someone or buy it, they always say "This is the good shit here." and i mean EVERY time. like even when is it this standard regs shit. they will still say "This shit will fuck you up, because this is the good shit here." and it is starting to boggle my mind? does anyone else get this from friends also?
  2. I live in Cali and most of the weed I get is high quality stuff. My friends smoke so much that they'd have to say that everyday and it would get annoying to have them restate that.

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  3. do u buy from the guys who tell u about the stuff?
  4. That Digit is a smart one. If you buy from these guys, then, yeah, their's is gonna be the good shit. Gotta keep the sales up, ya know.
  5. people used to say that stuff to me back when i first started smoking... Nowadays I know enough about it that people don't try and impress me.

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