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Good weed.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Czar Raps-A-Lot, Feb 28, 2004.


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  1. You go, girl!

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  2. That's wack, Shaq.

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  1. Since I talk so much shit about how great my weed is it's about time I posted up some pics, as requested in another thread. I already replied to that thread with pics, but just for kicks I'm giving my fancy weed its own post. Check it out:

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  2. just how much is that? quantity wise? I mean.. sure i could buy nice looking weed like that, and get that much.. or i could buy a crap load of mids...

    even then, its not like that weed is GODLY, it looks good.. nothing out-of-this-world.....
  3. looks pretty dank.. even if thats not that much... fuck mids...
  4. u must be whack shaq! thats such shwag .. :D

    nice man real nice. better than nething i get around here. atleast it looks like it. hows it smoke?
  5. Looks like the regular stuff we smoke around here... how much is it for an eigth?
  6. Looks good.

    The poll confused me tho...I didnt mean to vote for Pat Buchanon. I want a re-count!!!!!

  7. That right there is probably about a 20
    There's a pic on the third page of that thread of my whole purchase minus 1 joint's worth of weed, it's just over 4 grams.
    An 8th of this would cost me $50.
  8. Thats alotta bones.
  9. Yeah! Standard price around here for the best, pretty much everything is 50 and 8th unless its pretty so-so, but we really never see shwag, I really wouldn't know how to even get it. I think my town/state just have a lot of growers, and they are super good.
  10. thats better then mexican stress when im all out of money and good buds, and out of homegrown bud....
  11. Where are you from Czar, I live in oregon and I wouldnt pay more than 30 an 1/8.... usually 25 and its shit just like that, train wreck and alotta local strains.
  12. shit that looks like awesome bud. i can never get any of that, all i get is mids. heh, i was gonna start off growing with top44.
  13. looks like good nugs man. around here are nugs are just as crystaly but with red hairs. never smoked blue or purple stuff. i want to though. our eighths are 40 for 4 grams boy i must be lucky. roll a blunt and light that shit smoke that shit pass that shit.
  14. That looks like some pretty good shit.
    Still no reason to trash others though.

    And its not as good as that shit someone had in their sig awhile back. Damn that shit was like more crystals than bud.
  15. well i just got done smoken a shwa roach a little while ago... so if u can possibly immagine that then u know how i feel about dem budders
  16. Dayum, the prices are that good in oregon?
    That's like a buy one get one free deal!

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