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Good weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokin_Joe, May 26, 2003.

  1. I have a problem, Ive been smoking weed for like a year and half now. When I started I was on anti depressants (10 mgs)
    but ever since I raised the dose to 20 MGS everytime I smoke up, I get paniky and sad. What should I do, whats the problem?
  2. common sense would say if smokin makes you sad then dont smoke, unless you like being sad.
  3. This only happened when I upgraded my dose b4 that it never happend, sheesh! What should i do?
  4. well, in my experience with the matter, I have worked with many patients who take anti-depressants, and your complaint is not uncommon. The patients with the worse symptoms have mainly been Bi-polar or manic depressive, and the severity of the symptoms you have described was varied by the extent of the nature of their illness. On occasion I have had some patients in whom exibited an aggressing factor from the intake of cannabis, which ultimately made them feel worse. My only bit of advice in situations like this is to know yourself and your limits. If you find yourself feeling worse after you toke, just adjust the ammount of your intake and go from there. You will find an optimal level that will provide you with the relief you are looking for without the negative effect you report...
  5. you make it sound as if you HAVE to smoke weed. If weed dosent make you feel good then dont smoke it, weed is something you should be doing cause you like how it makes you feel, if its not making you feel good then why would you wanna keep doing it ???

    I have 3 or 4 friends who are the same way, sometimes when they smoke they get all depressed, especially if they are allready in a depressed what do they do ? they just dont smoke, and they feel alot better cause of it.

    Life is about feelin good and enjoyin life, if somethin makes you feel bad or sad then dont take part in it. Why is not smoking a problem for you if its not making you feel good ?
  6. yea when i have a bad day and I smoke, all i think about when im high is how much i hate myself, but when im happy, i always think good things.
  7. No, I don't mean anyone "has" to smoke weed, thats not it at all. For those who do choose to smoke despite their rections to it, I only offerd one solution, however, not smoking weed can be better in some situations. I have on rare occasions recomended that the medical marijuana patient avoid smooking weed due to the severity of their case, but I in no way tell anyone that they "have" to smoke weed at all. Weed is not a miracle medicine, but it does have some properties that provide relief to many people, so I try to work with individuals in finding the most effective ways for thwem to get that relief. If you have not figured it out already, I am a medical marijuana advocate who works with patients on an individual basis, and depending on need, I assist them in finding the best strains and administration tecqniques that best suits them. I do not consider myself an expert nor do I consider myself a doctor, I use my experiences with myself and others as a guide to assit in the discovery process of the individual patient. Many of the people I work with have never even smoked weed before, much less eaten it or used salves or tinctures, so it is these who I strive to serve, and assist them in finding a happy medium which will allow them to do their dishes or go shopping. Sorry if I have offended any of you in any way, just trying to share my experiences. So i will state it again, I in no way believe that anybody has to smoke weed for any reason, whatsoever.
  8. You could lower your dose, or ask for a medication that won't cause side effects when smoking pot.

    A friend of mine requested a medication that wouldn't interfere with his smoking the first day he went to see a shrink.

    As long as you're paying whoever's writing the perscriptions, they shouldn't have a problem with it, right?
  9. budforce i was talkin to smokinJOE.
  10. I apologize for my misconception, it makes complete sense to me now...anywho...have a wonderfull day!
  11. you too , are you a doctor ? if so what state do you work in ?
  12. Ya gotta be careful that your minds not just tricking you. I remember i was on anti-depresents. Effexor XR to be exact and one time like an hour after popping the pill i smoked a fatty and immediatly had a panic attack. At first i though it was the pills and everytime i smoked up i would have a panic attack. So i just said fuck it and dropped the pills. Man weed does more for me than any perscription could. When i take effexor i get a stomach ahce i feel too withdrawn from reality. When i smoke weed it calms me and makes me generally happy. I stick with the green! just so you know i have bi polar disorder.
  13. Back injuries. nerve damage , disk issues.

    20 years of taking Morphine - Hydrocordone - Clonipin -
    and other related musles and pain meds have come to a screeching halt!

    My Med intake has been reduced by 90%.


    I grew a plant and smoke a total of one joint a day.
    1/2 in Morning. 1/4 in Afternoon and 1/4 before going to sleep.

    I am living proof of benifts of cannibis being helpful to treat back pain, MS and other nerve damage.

    They can take my joint away from my cold dead fingers, when I die..

    PS I am 54 yrs old male, not the typical smoker....
    or am I .............?
  14. actually, out here in the sanfransisco bay area, the typical medical marijuana patients age group is on average 40 years old. They do come in all ages of course, but patients of your age are not uncommon.

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