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good weed in tenneseee?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skillfull87, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. i live in nashville tn... and i handle with really high grade bud... and sometimes when supposedly good weed ( bubblegum..hindu kush, white rhino, white widow, ak47, jack , c3, c4, skunk#5, shishkaberry) are all the ones i can think of ive had through.. but ive thought would there really be this kind of bud in tennesee? are people just saying its something good?

    i'm about to get some c3, c4, skunk #5 and shishkaberry within the hour and i wonder is it really worth the crazy cost? i pay aroudn 60 dollars an 8th maybe more... and what about 375 dollar ounces for bubble gum... am i being ripped off?
    let me know kthx smokeup

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  2. Well if that's what your really getting then I'd say theprices are right. Do you know the person your getting from? It sure is possible to get that nice kind as long as there is a good grower.
  3. im waiting on my bud now.. my friends say its rediculusly amazing... ill take some pics when i get it if its that great
  4. All of those float around middle tenn.. Most are worth the money and the wait.. I haven't bought any weed in years.. What I have smoked was from some friends...
  5. Shishkeberry is worth the lucky bastard!
  6. its good stuff... its very very danky and crystally ... i liek it its called c4 supposedly... dude from tn... im me plz : skillfull87
  7. i wish i could do another thumb for this... i got an ounce mix... 1/2 of skunk #5 and 1/2 of shishkaberry... and jesus.. im in love. this is the best thing ive ever seen... but i don't see to much good bud. i wish i had a hookup tho... looks liek i'll start getting out of california soon :) now i will sit jittery while i roll up a joint of this mix :eek: i cant wait!
  8. /cut what i said about iming me! kthx

  9. If you are talking about me......... I don't have IM..
  10. Email me some Shishkeberry, please ;)
  11. c3 c4 i have never heard of...
  12. There is a lot of good bud floating through Middle Tennessee if you can afford it. $60 an 1/8 is good for stuff if you know it's real good and is actually what they say it is. I've gotten some real nice kb for $45 an 1/8, but I dunno what the name is. Middle TN is a great place to find some good bud if you can find the hookups. Otherwise you end up getting all the low-end stuff that's also floating around. It's not so bad tho. That stuff is much cheaper. :D
  13. This thread makes me miss all the sick bud that has gone through my fingers. Now i'm stuck with regs. Prob go smoke sommore now...
  14. Wheres middle tennessee? I stay in Newport
  15. bubblegum and bogglegum, that stuff is mouth watering
    thats like the greats est weed ever, i got like an 8th in a north bay hippie town once, it was perhaps the most amazing bud ive ever smoked.i would pay 65 bucks an 8th of that. Shiska berry is impossible to find, it's one of the things on next years crop.
  16. you comin out to california soon you said ? Lemme know where where and when your gonna be out here, we can hook up and blaze a couple down.
  17. sweet, yeah i might some out sometime in a lil- yeah that 45 1/8 of kb i bet comes from a dude i know... there is a lot of opium in mid tennesee... the guy im getting from now has liek an unbelieveable amount... 2 full guncases with it... 4 more with the same dank i was telling you about recently. he said its coming right off the trucks, were its coming from but won't tell me were :(
  18. Where is middle tennessee? Get out a map of tennessee. Now try to divide it into 3 approximately equal size sections from left to right. The one on the left is west. the one on the right is east. The one in the middle is...middle. I'm from the Nashville area and everywhere aroudn there is considered middle tennessee.
  19. im from nashville area as well... do you get a lot of high grade bud like i was talking about? really good strains
  20. I live in middle tn. Smoked some Hindu Kush in Johnson City once, highest I've ever been.

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