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Good Weed In A Bong Vs Better Weed In A Joint/spoon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by John Lennon, May 29, 2013.

  1. Last time I was iwth a couple of friends. We were using his bong (really nice piece, made of glass, big and heavy) and with each of us took 2 bong rips. We have a friend/dealer who always sells amazing weed but this time he gave us just a nice weed (and some more grams in compensation).
    So basically when we smoked his best stuff, we made it on a glass pipe and the results were, well , we ended pretty stoned. But the last time we tried his bong and BANG we ended really fucked up. I had to go to work and my mind was flying, while my other 2 friends were fucking high and one of them even vomited.
    A piece can make such a difference? I want to hear your opinions!
    PS: Is GC on android working? seems like I can use it since last week...

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    as far as I know you have to use tapatalk to use gc on your phone or just do the regular web browser thing; dunno if they plan on making a new app or not...
    As far as your question; yes the piece will make a difference; but I think it only has to do with the typical efficiency of the delivery method. With a bong you're taking in a lot more smoke at one time, and wasting next to no weed, it naturally causes you to smoke this way. Thats why bongs seem to get you the highest; all the thc hitting you at once feels a lot more intense than dragging it out in a spoon or a joint or something. 
    I'm positive that if you put the exact same amount of weed in a spoon, a big bong, a small bong, a bubbler, and a joint (lol skimps!) and smoked all of them in one single hit, you would achieve the exact same level of "high" each time.

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