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Good weed, bad weed? Give me some tips

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rendole, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I've been toking for around 4-5 years now but one thing I have yet to master is telling the difference between weed. Now I notice when weed is shit, but if its like mid grade it could be kush for all I know. So just educate me on the differences of weed, how you tell if its kush or not, let me know.
  2. Strains are pretty much impossible to tell apart. If its good it should be fairly sticky, definitely not brown, have lots of trichs (little crystals on it), not have a ton of leaf, and smell great. This is just general guidelines and some bud hits you hard when it doesn't smell or look the greatest. And when you smoke it you should be able to taste if its good or bad.
  3. ^ this :hello:

    And if you want to go even farther buds from main colas tend to be better. On average theyll be bigger and denser...2 qualities you should look for anyways. You also want your bud to be easy to break apart but not crumbly. Crumbly means its old/dried out/improperly cured. Big stems dont indicate quality in any way but they also should be avoided as youll sacrifice total weight to unsmokable stem. And in case this needs to be said...seeds are bad (unless you wanna grow bag weed lol)
  4. Well for one, seeds and stems are expected, but not an abundant amount. Sure, most buds are going to have stem, but try to avoid the larger stems if you can. And seeds should not be in every bud, seeds should be rarely found imo. When I used to buy schwag awhile bag all there was in there was seeds. So that's kind of a sign tbh.

    Some other good qualities to look for would be crystals (trichomes, the thc), red/orange hairs are nice, sticky feeling, smelling kind of fresh in a way kind of like nature.

    Although bud could look horrible and be great, and look great but be horrible. It all comes down to when you smoke it
  5. If there are brown/red/purple hairs, visibile crystals, the bud feels sticky and it smells good then its probably good bud. I usually dont buy weed if the above criteria are not met.
  6. a good smell has been an indicator for me along with how sticky it is and how much kief it has on it. Also supposedly if the bud makes a white ash when you smoke it then its better, but ive heard thats not necessarily true
  7. Just make sure you put smell before appearance when you're looking at bud.

    Good-looking weed can still be shitty, but good-smelling weed can't.
  8. The smell, and if it is sticky.
  9. If youre new go by smell
  10. There are easy ways to tell if weed is good. Smell is the probably the best way to tell. If you weed smells really strong then you know its good. Not saying that non-strong weed can't get you high, but generally if its really smelly weed (as long as its a good dank smell) it will be great. You also can look for crystals on the weed, the more the better. These are call trichomes and they contain THC. Make sure there are very few leaves and the weed is in decent sized nugs (ie not shake/ground up). If you are allowed to touch it, it should be sticky but not wet. It should feel dry enough to be easy to break apart in your hands.
  11. Trust me, if it look like regular weed, it's regular weed. You'll know when it's nice and dank. It will look amazing, nice and shiny with crystals and hairs, it will be sticky, smelly, good taste, etc.
  12. Crystals, smell, color, look up some pics online

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