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good weed and mold

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by expandingeye, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. what up grasscity.. hah ive never posted before but i was just smokin on some herb.
    Now lately ive been getting this weird paranoia about mold. I bought a sack a bit ago and because it didnt smell skunky, but instead kind of weird just like plant smell. I didnt end up smoking it.

    Now today i bought another sack and the weed was a tiny bit damp still, so i let it sit out for 2 hours until the stems break instead of bending.
    When i look close at the crystals i almost think they are mold. Im not sure if im being paranoid, or if it is mold. But it is just like crystals except the smell isnt very chronic until you break a nug. The second you break a bud it is really skunky.

    Since it doesnt have like a white growth or anything is it just crystals?
    I just dont understand how such great looking bud can look so crystally and not smell much until i break it.
    I could post a pic but the quality would be so bad it would just look like bud.
    Any thoughts would help :wave::smoke:
  2. forgive me for replying to my own thread.. but haha i found a perfect pic to show you what i meant. The weed i bought was said to be sour diesel, and i found this picture. The brownish crystals are really apparent. I still dont understand why it doesnt smell very strong until i break it though.

  3. By looking at the bud, it is obvious its not moldy, and have had weed that didn't smell like anything till ya break it up thats when u smell the aroma, but from the picture of it you have doesn't look moldy looks like some good sour D toke it up son, and by breaking if it feels moldy im sure you can tell, but by the looks of it isn't and quite being paronoid.
  4. you are really really paranoid.

    the smell fades as the bud dries out, that's normal.
  5. Looks better than 80% of the shit people post on here.

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