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Good Website To Order Weed Seeds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redneckgrower420, May 27, 2013.

  1. hey has anyone used upper canada seed bank to buy seeds online? i called the number it has but wouldnt go through. not trying to get ripped off. so even if u havent used that site to order seeds, but have used other sites please help me! it would be even better if they were based in north america for faster shipping.  also im looking for some really dank/high yeild auto flower seeds. i just dont have time to wait for a regular big plant. thanks!!

  2. You tried Original Sensible Seed Co yet, or Attitude?  Not North American, and can take weeks, but great variety including a lot of auto stuff.  
  3. no but im gonna go look at them right now! do you know of any site that has faster shipping tho?  :bongin:  the faster i can get them the better because i just moved and i dont have any hookups around here. and i need some weed! lol
  4. I sympathize with the impatience, I'm rife with it myself.  
    Some of them have very fast growing auto strains, (Speed Devil, Speedy Gonzalez, etc), but I think you're still looking at 7-8 weeks to flower enough to even consider harvest.  Also, the yields are smaller of course.  
    Have you checked around for ditch weed that might have some seeds in it?  
  5. yes infact i have upwards of 100 seeds  the one i started is a week old right now. ive been wondering the earliest i can put into flowering. how long it will take and possibaly a rough estimate on a yeild?
  6. Sorry, red, but without knowing the strain (and a dozen other factors), I couldn't intelligently speculate.  I'm a total newb myself.  This is kind of a good time of year if your'e going to grow outside because I think around 6/20, the days will start to shorten naturally.  If your'e growing indoors, doesn't really matter, then.  Depending on the seed, anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks or more is possible.  Yield can vary hugely depending on strain, grow method, etc, and can vary from 15 to 200 grams or more.
    Auto Pounder is a good breed for fast big yields, but remember that the genetics just determines potential;  execution, expertise, and luck makes up for the rest.  
  7. yeah man ive been growing for two years now. ive never done seeds tho ive always bought someones larger clones. but thankyou for helping me out! and ive seen auto-pounder on websites and its always out of stock! but hey i commented on your thread you posted a few days ago hope what i had to say helps you out!!

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