Good ways to relieve stress?

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  1. anyone know any. i have no bud or any other "unmentionables" at the moment so im beat for that kind of stress relief.

    ive been really stressed lately. even little dumb things are making me stress beyond belief. i was supposed to go out for thirsty thursday but my friends decided to not text me back and go somewhere else without me(fuck them though). stress has been piling up and now making a fuckin mountain of stress. anaxiety through the roof.

    i want to try and get anti-depressants but i dont want to go to therapy and neither me nor my family can really afford it.

    so anyone know any good ways of reliving stress.
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    I have heard exercise is a good stress reliever. :p

    EDIT: Maybe also try meditating, stretching, or simple breathing exercises.

    I've also heard writing is supposed to be good for stress relief. So maybe write down everything that is bothering you or has bothered you, etc.
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    Sleep, exercise.
  4. Weight training and most exercises.
    Along with smoking bud.
  5. Products from poppy flowers.
  6. Rub one out.
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Serenity - Meditation Music[/ame]
  8. i was thinkin excersice. im gonna try it.
  9. i wish man. i wish
  10. Get in the car and just cruise? Masterbate? See if a buddy has nugs.. Hope u can deal man, stress is a bitch
  11. [ame=]YouTube - Michael Jackson - Beat It[/ame]

    heh heh beat it.
  12. Go for a walk. Look at the stars. Enjoy the sky. I try to do this as much as possible.

    Also try to just look up some new music. Find a genre and just youtube until you've found some good stuff.

    Oh and of course masturbate, that helps at least a little every time.
  13. i naturally dont have stress i think. i never strees out or anything. so i cant help ya, sorry
  14. cardio exercise, sleep, jerk off, read a book, sell some old video games for weed money...?
  15. Zone out to some music
  16. Lifting weights and getting high- in that order.
  17. just worked out for a little over an hour. did some lifting and pulled out the excersize bike for a half hour. i do feel a lil better. now to make it a habbit:devious:

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