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Good way to use cigarette

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bOdYbAg, May 15, 2004.

  1. Take a cig and pull out a little bit of tobacco from the end.

    Then start rolling the cig around in your fingers until all the

    tobacco falls out. Get a normal pencil. Hollow it out with the

    pencil(keep the filter on). Then start filling it up with bud.

    Keep packing it in with the eraser end of the pencil. Then at

    the very end pack in a little bit of the tobacco u pulled out.

    Now it looks like a normal cig and unless u have very

    strong/smelly weed it should smell somewhat normal too.

    When ur ready to smoke it, just take filer off and light up. Or

    if u have to be in public or outside or something keep the

    filter on.
  2. cig filters filter out the thc, so it's a waste, but it's a great idea for transporting herb, just keep em in the cig case, nobody will suspect a thing, then just twist off the filter and viola, insta-joint
  3. two things . . .

    1. really you think? (goes for the topic of the thread)

    2. ive smoke with and without the filter and i get just as high either way, does anybody have any proven facts that it blocks out thc?
  4. ive always heard about filters taking out the thc, because it FILTERS them which it is supposed to do. If you are going to do this i would take a needle and poke about 10-20 big holes in the filter so the smoke goes thru there not the filter(faster air going thru the hole sucks the smoke towards there) i might actually try this...maybe.
  5. the filter can be pulled out of the paper of most cigs. then just put a piece of rolled up card or something. and with a needle u can make a big enough hole in the filter as an alternate. u just need one hole in the midle. not a buncha holes to small to do anything.
  6. a bunch of holes would be better though, and the point of the filter is to keep it as sneaky as possible, if you have a sig with a homemade roach in it, it is a little fishy. especially if the cops stop you, theyll think they are just normal cigs
  7. Im not sure about the filter either. I have smoked both ways and u get pretty stoned with each. the filter is supposed to keep some of the tar and shit from getting through, so thc is prolly also blocked.
  8. Same here, just as high either way... I'm sure it does block dome thc, but not noticeably
  9. good points...but then if it filtered everything wouldnt the nicotine be filtered? dunno it just popped in my head coz im tryin to quit cigs lol ... cut way back tho :D
    toke on :smoke:
  10. This isn't really for smoking, more for sneaking it in somewhere. ( Doesn't work against dogs! ) I used to take a razor, and slit open part of ( the less cutting, the better it looks. ) the bottom of a cigg. pack. Remove all the ciggs, and refil with doobs. When ever we'd go to concerts, and they'd make us empty our pockets, When you hold it and show someone the top of the pack, it would look like an un-opened pack of ciggs. A couple times I have had opened packs checked.

    Sorry so choppy and scatterbrained, I'm a little toasted and in a hurry
  11. instead of a hole in the cig filter, just give it a little twist when ur gonna smoke, and pull it out with your fingrer nails and then make a cardboard filter and slide her in, and it isn't as gross when you pinch the cardboard filter then the cig if its harsh bud
  12. pull the filter out, rip it in half, put half back it, some spanish guy showed me once, works pretty well, stops burning bits of hashish hitting your throat... apparently that's the standard method...

    ...also in eastern europe they do that cos cigs are so cheap and ganj so scarce they don't sell papers nowhere

  13. You can do what amster said but just fill the pack up with cigs instead of joints.. that way even if they do open it all they will see is cigs..
  14. The best way to use a cigarette is to get out a stinger if you get stung by a bee!!!:)
  15. Hahaha, yeah Ontario is great.
  16. Haha.

    Luke, that'd be a good idea (the cig-looking papers).
  17. Sneaky smoking is always good :)

    I'm more inclined to smoke a blatantly obvious joint, but in the privacy of my own company on a cigarette break

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