Good Way to Grow?????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bowl clearer, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. ok im pretty sure all of you hit c-road cruises frequently and if not i do everday...but anyways its just an idea but i think it would be tight to find a spot were i can remember were it is no matter what and walk outa lil bit into the trees and stuff to were u cant see and to plant some seeds and just bring a bottle of water with me everytime i hit a cruise and water the flowers(if i dont decide to drink them)plus i heard that growing outside in the sun is the best.....also there is a house out there to were 50 suppusivly never come out there and its like this perfect party house with a lake next to it and a tight as forest trail and in the basement the people there before grew all hella bud but once im out on my own im thinking about livin there with some friends and getting timed lights and growing allll dank cause i mean all we have to do is sleep there and shit no one can actually figure out who lives.... who knows but the main thing is do you think the cruise thing would work....also if ur a runner make a run that u do in the morning to some trees and plant somethin there
  2. Two words bro "Grow forum" Its all good though I am just saying that all the cool things you want to know about growing r there. Good luck though. JOE>
  3. Can´t beat God´s good sun. And it´s free.

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