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Good vs. Bad weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by NerissaMoon, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. OKAY, guys- I know there may be many sighs being omitted from humans all over the world wide web right now, gettin' mad, sayin something along the lines of "this bitch needs to read the FAQ." I did. read most of it. I looked at many stickies, iight?
    It seems a common, stupid (but slightly scientific! which i fucking suck at!) question. There's my little apologia- but in the end, I don't need to be forgiven.

    How the fuck do you know, exactly- why some weed sucks ass? I read the thing about grit on these forums, I looked for glass and shit, been doing everything i normally do- been a chronic user for over a year. But i'm not knowledgable of a lot of the cultivation, biology, etc etc of marijuana.

    What is lacking from this weed I've recently smoked almost an O of? It looks like it's decent shit- i dont get it. If anyone can help me (I think you can understand how frustrating it is when you realize you arent achieving the high you want to be), in any way shape or form, I mean you guys can drop a small hint I don't care.

    (PS- I recently found this site like a week ago, and already I appreciate everyone on here- feels fucking dope to have so many stoners around me. NOT JUDGING ME :smoking:
  2. I know if its good or not by how much I need to get to my happy place
  3. Or it could be that ur tolerence is 2 high
  4. There's numerous factors in deciding if your weed is "good" aka. Dank, "bad" aka. Shwag, or "somewhere in the middle" Mids.

    How does it look? The trim job? Smell? Is it dried right or does it feel wet? Is it frosty (Does it have a lot of crystals)? Hmm... seems like I can go on forever.

    You also have to keep in mind the THC and CBD percentages and factor those in. Some DANK strains might have very high CBD and medium THC, which will relax you but won't give you an intense high. Or Very High THC that will send you flying!

  5. Some weed is grown bad and some strains suck
  6. If it looks "dank"
    It may be either a well grown Indica or Sativa strain
    Both offer different highs and hybrids of the two have their own mixtures.
    Some sativas will get you soaring
    Some indicas will knock your ass out
    Some hyrbrids may do both

    Gotta find your right strain with CBD and THC percentages.
    Reviews and etc.
  7. does it make your room/house smell loud even while bagged?

    does it have a sour smell or pungent skunk smell? is it sticky and dense ?

    its pretty obvious if weed is loud or not
  8. You can tell easily by looks, smell, taste and the high it gives you...
  9. Maybe your high is evolving. I know the type of high I get now is wayyy different than the high I used to get when I first started. And I remember it started changing around the one year mark...

    Other than that it might just be tolerance

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