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Discussion in 'General' started by Still Smokin, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. First of all... Im really drunk and stoned, however, I just had an ephinany tonight. (Which I usually get when im drunk and stoned). Life is all about good vibes... everything we do in life we choose because we felt good vibes about it, regardless what it was. Tonight I went bar hopping with my buddies and met a middle aged, borderline elder, women. Im 25 years old and usually only go for girls my age but tonight I started talking to this smokin hot ritzy 50ish year old chick and we had a blast. Drinking, flirting, teasing... a good night. Nothing big happened.. I got her number and she wants to "hang out." Who knows where this will lead to but THE POINT is that I never go for women that age but we had great vibes with each other. Right off the bat we were into each other...digging it. So I hope it leads to some fun but who knows. One of my buddies was giving me some shit about it but my other 2 buddies said they were really jealos.. haha.

    ...good vibes are dreamy. When you feel them just go for it. What have you got to lose? Right?

    Any middle-aged women here care to comment? What does it take for a younger guy to keep an older girl interested?
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    I get my good vibes in pill form.
  3. Yeah man! good vibes alllll the way:)
  4. Haha, I'm gettin all my good vibes from Adderall right now; was even lucky enough to experience an epiphany... immediately quit my GTA4 session and started writing about it, whereas the epiphanies I had ages ago while high I would forget (wonder why hehe).

  5. Absolutely. Knockout gorgeous. Looks like she was about 30 but actually pushing 50. 1 kid, with his own life, far away.
  6. hell yeah for cougars
    push for the shit man, you're lucky
    goodluck bro

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