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Good vaporizers?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankpurplekush, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Ive been smoking for a few years now, probably 3 or 4 not to long. But I want to buy a vaporizer. I've been looking around and haven't really seen any with good reviewes other than volcano and one other, but they were like $500-600.

    So my question is, do you guys know any vaporizers that are good quality, not to big, and have a temp control? I don't want to spend to much, maybe up to 200 or 250 if it has good reviews. I was thinking about a magic Flight but I want to control the temp and I don't really want a small portable one.

    I tried finding a question like mine and I can't really find any from recent. But if you guys know of a thread that would help me that would be cool.

    And thanks to anyone who is helpful :)
  2. Silver Surfer Vaporizer - About 250 to 350 depending on your options.
    Da Buddha Vaporizer - About 200.
    Arizer Extreme Q - About 250.

    Edit: Yes, I know you can get them for less somewhere else, but I'm giving the MSRP off the main websites. Best to shop around on those OP, but those are all quality.
  3. Second the Extreme Q.
  4. Extreme Q on Ebay for $150. Best weed-related purchase I've made. (besides weed)
  5. Extreme Q is the best in my opinion. It has a bag like the volcano and it has a regular whip. I've had mine like 4 years and it still works fine.
  6. EQ. $175 on Puffitup dot com with free shipping. shipping was fast too, but itll take slightly longer now with the holiday but i recommend the machine and the website.
  7. T1 Therma Vape for on the go. about 200$
  8. just dont buy vapir
  9. I second this.
  10. Arizer Solo gets my vote
  11. vapour daddys are nice

  12. Just got a HotBox vape. Love it! Easy to use, small and stealthy looking. Good heat, whip is simple to use. CLOUDS of vapor!

    I also use the Magic Flight for portable use. Great tool, a bit of a learning curve. After you have the technique down, this can be the best addition to a movie or concert than popcorn or beer.

    Happy 2013!

    "Yeah I smoke Cheeba,
    It helps me with my brain
    I might be a little dusted
    but I'm not insane"

    -Adam Yauch aka MCA
  13. Extreme Q off of puffitup.
  14. I'd say Extreme Q... but I've never tried a DBV or SSV. I got my EQ for $160 off ebay and I use it a few times a week. I've had it for a year or so and its been a great investment.

  15. I second this. In my opinion, this vaporizer is the best in the business. The ceramic heating element has a lifetime warranty. If it breaks it is also very easy to get parts. I've had the whole glass thing break on mine from falling etc.. but I bought the cheap parts and was back vaping in no time.

  16. Thermovape T1 is no longer available. It is being replaced by the Cera.

    Do not go with the hot box or vapor daddy's - too much hot plastic with a fake temp readout.

    I'd suggest the Extreme Q, but if you want more dense vapor and portability go with the Arizer Solo. It can be purchased at planetvape or puff it up. There are coupon codes that can be found at
  17. Highly recomend the pax by ploom retails at 250 compact great battery life little to no smell and it comes it a few colors not to mention lots of handy tools for cleaning even comes equiped with a color changing display and 3 temp options i use mine all the time and save to duff for tincture

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